Biochar Amendment for Productivity

Biochar Amendment to Enhance Tomato and Melon Productivity and Protect Against Phytophthora Root Rot Disease

Location: Kaysville, UT


Biochar is often marketed as a “sustainable soil amendment” - a claim that should be backed up by peer-reviewed scientific trials. Utah Biomass Resources Group, USU Extension, and the USU Botanical Center (Kaysville) were interested in investigating if biochar (when added as a soil amendment), would impact two commonly grown crops in northern Utah: melons and lettuce. The biochar used in this study was made from cherry wood and was pyrolyized at varying temperatures 375°, 475°, 575° C. 


To determine if biochar added at varying levels impacted vegetable productivity and to determine if the biochar created at different pyrolysis temperatures impacted the results.


Britney Hunter, Grant Cardon, Marion Murray, Diane Alson, Darren McAvoy, Shawn Olsen, USU Botanical Center, Kaysville, Utah Biomass Resources Group.