2024 Survey Information

Utah Wellbeing Project surveys will begin again in early 2024. Any city within Utah is encouraged to participate and can do so by reaching out to Dr. Courtney Flint at courtney.flint@usu.edu

The survey is created by our team using the Qualtrics online survey software and each city will have a unique survey link. The USU team handles the development and administration of the survey, analysis, and reporting. Partner cities are responsible for advertising the survey and encouraging residents to participate. As a reference, the 2022-2023 survey can be found here.

Cities that participate and have sufficient response will have a report posted on our website. The report summarizes findings across a variety of topics such as wellbeing domain ratings and importance, community wellbeing, community connection, population and economic growth, and future concerns. Based on findings, we also provide links to specifically tailored resources that target the improvement of individual wellbeing categories.

We are seeking a few city partners to work with us on targeting a sample of residents using available contact information. The goal would be to compare the representativeness of the resulting sample with the open approach of allowing any adult resident to complete the survey. Please reach out to Dr. Flint if you are interested. 

We are happy to meet with propective city partners to go over the project components. Please reach out with any additional questions.