Wellbeing Resources

Wellbeing involves various factors that influence the economic, social, and environmental aspects of people's daily lives. The Utah Wellbeing Project survey efforts provided valuable information about what aspects of wellbeing are most important to Utahs' residents. Based on these findings, we have compiled recomendations and resources that have been shown to improve various aspects of wellbeing to help community leaders and individual residents create happier and healthier communities. Below, you will find resources tailored to improve eight specific wellbeing categories, city exemplars that illustrate initiatives taken in different Utah communities, and a "One Stop Shop" which details single actions that can positively influence multiple wellbeing categories.

Resources for Wellbeing Categories

Select a wellbeing categories below to learn more about what they are, why they are important, and to see specific resources that may be used to improve wellbeing in your community. Please note that solutions implemented to target one category of wellbeing will often result in improvements in other wellbeing categories as well.

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Community Connection

lady walking dog by Logan river
Connection With Nature

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Environmental Quality

Pedestrian Sign
Safety and Security

Indonesian man thumbs up
Mental Health

people doing an outdoor weights workout
Physical Health

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Living Standards

Substance Abuse

City Exemplars

Select a city exemplar below to view real-world examples of projects Utah communities have done to improve wellbeing.

One Stop Shop

Because many factors related to wellbeing are closely linked, there are certain solutions that can simultaneously target multiple wellbeing categories. For communities that would like to address wellbeing but lack the necessary resources to apply solutions for each category described above, we have compiled a One Stop Shop that gives ideas on how to impact multiple wellbeing categories with a single, evidence-based solution.

Affordable Housing Outdoor Recreation Connection With Nature Economic Opportunities Community Connection