UTFs in the Classroom

Make the Most of Your UTF

Undergraduate Teaching Fellows (UTFs) are upper-division students who have already taken the class and assist the professor with classroom management and teaching tasks. Professors that have a UTF usually introduce him/her early in the term and include the UTF’s contact information in their class syllabi. Check your course syllabus to learn if there is a class UTF, how to contact him/her, and if/when the UTF holds office hours.

UTF Support

UTFs support students enrolled in the course by:

  • Acting as a bridge between students and the professor by getting answers to questions
  • Offering their perspective on the syllabus and assignments
  • Providing suggestions on where to find assignment resources and how to interpret grading rubrics
  • Clarifying instructions and offering constructive feedback on group presentations
  • Facilitating Canvas group discussions/assignments
  • Conducting study and review sessions
  • Holding office hours
  • Referring students to available campus services and resources
  • Protecting student privacy (FERPA)

Work with your UTF

UTFs are part of the class teaching team. Interactions with them should be professional and useful. They will not always know the answers, but they will help find them. Ask them for help.