Prospective Students

Become an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow

UTFs have many opportunities to make meaningful connections with fellow students, faculty mentors, and their home departments. They learn from faculty mentors as they develop teaching and leadership skills in a university setting. These skills set participants apart as graduate school and job applicants.


With rare exceptions, UTFs must be upper division students who have completed at least three semesters. Students should have already taken the class for which they propose to work as a UTF. However, the associate dean or unit liaison may approve exceptions when a class is new or rarely taught.


Although specific responsibilities vary with each class, UTFs assist faculty mentors with day-to-day classroom management and teaching tasks and help their fellow students by providing assistance with their coursework. UTFs should meet with their faculty mentors as early as possible—ideally before the term starts—to clarify their role and responsibilities and schedule presentations. The average time commitment to work as a UTF is 5 hours per week.


Minimum compensation for working as a UTF is $750 per semester, but some colleges/units pay more. UTFs may not work more than 100 hours during a semester. To comply with government regulations, UTFs track their work hours through Aggietime. Contact your unit liaison for more information related to compensation.