2022 Spring Runoff Conference

March 29, 2022

COVID-19 Precautions: Please follow CDC's guidelines

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The USU Spring Runoff Conference is held nearly annually to provide a forum for interdisciplinary sharing and exchange of ideas on water-related issues in Utah and the Intermountain Region extending to all aspects of water science, ecology, policy, engineering, and management.  The next Spring Runoff Conference will be Tuesday March 29, 2022. The conference will be held at the Eccles Conference Center on the USU Campus followed by a formal reception and poster presentations in the evening at the Logan River Golf and Country Club.

This year’s theme is Forecasting and Adapting to Drought. Drought is likely the most salient water issue in Utah and the Western US these days. This year’s Spring Runoff Conference combines the science of forecasting drought and its implications with federal, state, and local perspectives on how we anticipate and respond to drought. How long and how bad might this current drought be? What are the impacts on water use, water quality, and natural resources? How are natural resource policies and management strategies adapting to drought? What innovations in hydroclimatic information are likely to help us navigate a dry future? 

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Conference Information

The 2022 Spring Runoff Conference combines, in one efficient day, a morning plenary session and paper presentation sessions at the Eccles Conference Center on the USU Campus. Poster presentations will occur in the evening at the Logan River Golf and Country Club.

March 29, 2022

Conference Rates

Professionals: $50; Students: Free

Conference Schedule

Conference Abstract
Conference Agenda

Instructions for Poster and Lightning Talks

The poster session will run from 4:15-7:00pm at the Logan Golf and Country Club (710 N 1500 E, Logan, UT 84321). From 4:15- ~5:00pm, we will hold a “Lightning Talk” session in which you will give a brief 90 second overview of your poster, essentially to sell the big ideas of the work you are presenting to introduce the audience to the content of your poster, and you should plan to be present at your poster from 5-6:30. Please review the following instructions for preparing your posters and lightning presentations.

Poster Guidelines:

  • Posters should be printed to 3 ft x 4 ft (36 in x 48 in)
  • Please arrive at the Logan Golf and Country Club at 4pmto hang your printed posters. The country club is a 10 minute walk from the Eccles Conference Center 
  • Check out thisguide or read this blog for poster design principles for creating effective poster presentations

Lightning Talk Guidelines:

  • A lightning talk will be given at the beginning of this session to promote your poster presentation
  • You have 90 seconds to present the key points of your poster (Youcan say your piece in 90 s. Specifically, you can state your case, but you cannot make your case)
    • First 60 seconds: tell uswhat, where, and (most interestingly), why. If you spend more than 10 words telling us how, you are too far in the weeds
    • Last 30 seconds: either summarize what you found, or tease the audience with a possible answer such that we will come look at your poster
    • GOAL: intrigue the audience with your question or hypothesis; promote your interesting idea or a reliable finding.
  • Prepare 1-3 slides to support your lightning talk. Avoid fancy animations, but use whatever tools make it easiest to present your ideas clearly. Definitely don’t simply display a slide of your full poster as the visual to support your lightning talk.
  • Submit your slidesby 10pm on Monday night, March 28. Please upload the slides for your lightning talk in the Box folder Spring Runoff 2022 Lightning Talk Slide Repository. You will also receive an invitation from Box. If you experience difficulties uploading to the Box folder, you may send your slides to me at rivers@usu.edu by 10pm Monday night.
  • Submit your slides as a PDF or PowerPoint file using the format “Presentation#_Lastname_Title”. Find your presentation number in the “Poster Session” table in attached file emailed to you, we will present lightning talks in this order.

Maps, Travel & Parking

The Conference will be held in the Eccles Conferene Center on the Logan campus of Utah State University.


Email waterquality@usu.edu or call (435) 797-2580