Writing Fellows Program

Our Mission

The Writing Fellows Program (WFP) embeds proficient writers as peer mentors into courses across the university where they provide written and oral feedback on student writing and model effective writing processes during one-on-one conferences.

Students in courses with embedded Writing Fellows (WFs) get assistance; faculty, who are not professionally trained in writing pedagogy, receive feedback on assignment design as well as higher quality papers to grade; WFs experience professional and personal growth in preparation for careers or graduate studies. WFs are high-achieving students from all disciplines and are nominated by faculty. They undergo a competitive application and interview process for the fellowship.

The ultimate impact of the WFP is the improvement of USU’s institutional culture of writing across the curriculum by supporting students and faculty. We are committed to promoting a campus-wide culture in which writing, in its many forms, is central to inquiry, learning, and communication.

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What Students Are Saying About Writing Fellows

"My Writing Fellow helped me develop a stronger argument for my paper and pushed me to think outside of the box. She was also very helpful with fixing awkward sentences and improving my paper structure."

"My Writing Fellow assisted me in understanding what I was trying to say and then helped me to feel more confident in completing the assignment."

"My Writing Fellow helped me immensely in structuring my papers in a way that made sense as well as assisted me in expanding the length of my papers without adding fluff."

"My Writing Fellow did a very good job of letting me know what did and did not work about my paper and where I needed to change things. She helped me develop a strong, clear thesis that gave my ideas a clear direction."

Students who benefitted from working with a Writing Fellow