Student Requirements

Participation Benefits

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Writing Fellows (WFs) have many opportunities to make meaningful connections with fellow students and faculty. They receive training to improve their writing, communication, and leadership skills in a seminar held during fall semester. These skills set participants apart as graduate school and job applicants.


Students must be nominated by a professor who is familiar with their writing and has noted their strong writing skills. An alternate path to nomination is through a current WF; in this case, students should ask the nominating WF to notify the Director.

  • Typically, students nominated are at a sophomore level or higher.
  • Students should have already completed English 2010 and have a minimum GPA of 3.2.
  • Nominations are accepted between August and February.
  • Students submit applications to become a WF between January and March 1 for the coming academic year.


In their first semester, WFs enroll in CHSS 4900, a two-credit training course held fall semesters. The seminar is typically scheduled to be held once weekly for 75 minutes in the afternoon. * If WFs want to earn a third credit of internship, they can sign up for one more credit during the spring semester by registering with Shanan Ballam in the English department.

Note: WFs cannot be concurrently enrolled in the class in which they are working as a WF.


  • WFs must enroll in the two-credit fall seminar the first semester they begin tutoring.
  • WFs meet with the professor of the course they will be working with the first week of the semester.
  • WFs are assigned to work with 15 students on their writing.
  • Students in a course where the professor has elected to use WFs are required to meet with the WF on at least two assignments (no more than three) during the semester.
  • Once the meeting is completed students can revise their assignment before turning it in to the professor for a grade.
    The average time commitment to work as a WF is 50 hours a semester. WFs must maintain a minimum 3.2 GPA.


Minimum compensation for working as a WF is $750 per semester. Opportunities for working in two classes occasionally arise, in which case compensation is doubled.