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More Than A Labor of Love: Organizing Home Care - Eileen Boris, UC-Santa Barbara

Thursday, Jul 30 - 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Student Activities
TSC, Auditorium - Map it
USU Student Association (USUSA)
This talk looks at feminist understandings of care and work by looking at paid household workers, both housekeepers and those who tend elderly and disabled people as home aides. It argues that "hostile worlds" analysis, that care can't be done for money and still be care, is one factor that feeds into the low wages of those who earn their living through these labors of love. But the question remains, can that which is devalued be revalued by regarding care, already commodified or bought and sold, as employment or work? Who has the privilege to make that claim? In today's movement of domestic workers, led by immigrant women of color, we see an alternative discourse, "leading with love," that offers a social justice framework for caring labor.
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