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Honorary Degrees and Commencement Speaker - Previous Recipients

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Last Name First Name Award Year Degree
Abrahamson James A. HD 1984 Doctor of Engineering
Abravanel Maurice HD 1968 Doctor of Fine Arts
Adney C.G. HD 1915 Master of Scientific Agriculture
Adney C.G. HD 1951 Doctor of Science
Alba Samuel HD 2013 Doctor of Humane Letters
Al-Faiz Norah Abdullah HD 2012 Doctor of Education
Allison (Attorney) CS 1906  
Al-SmadiTayseerHD2014Doctor of Humane Letters
Anderson Jack HD 1997 Doctor of Communication
Anderson Richard W. HD 1999 Doctor of Engineering
Armstrong Ellis L. HD 1988 Doctor of Engineering
Armstrong W.W. CS 1924  
Arrington Leonard J. HD 1982 Doctor of Humanities
Astin Allen V. CS 1956  
AtkinsonPamela J.HD2014Doctor of Humane Letters
Austad Mark E. CS/HD 1988 Doctor of Humanities
Bailey Reed Warner HD 1960 Doctor of Science
Ball Elmer Darwin CS 1916  
Bangerter Norman H. HD 1992 Doctor of Laws
Barrientos Rene Ortuno HD 1968 Doctor of Laws
Bell William Earl HD 1986 Doctor of Engineering
Bennett Robert F. CS/HD 2009 Doctor of Laws
Benson Ezra Taft HD 1958 Doctor of Laws
Berle Adolf A. Jr. CS 1943  
Beus J.R. HD 1944 Master of Agriculture
Bickmore Lee S. HD 1972 Doctor of Agribusiness
Bingham Marc C. HD 2009 Doctor of Business and Entrepreneurship
Blackham Ralph S. HD 1985 Doctor of Agribusiness
Blood Henry H. CS 1931  
Bowman Albert Elijah HD 1950 Doctor of Laws
Bringhurst Royce S. HD 1993 Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Broadhead Daken K. HD 1978 Doctor of Humanities
Brooks Juanita Leavitt HD 1964 Doctor of Letters
Brossard Edgar B. HD 1954 Doctor of Laws
Brown C. Stuart HD 1997 Doctor of Laws
Brown Oren L. HD 2002 Doctor of Music
Bryan E.A. CS 1918  
Bullen Herschel Jr. HD 1954 Doctor of Laws
Bullen Reed HD 1999 Doctor of Business
Bullen Richard Hatch HD 1965 Doctor of Laws
Caine John T. III HD 1951 Doctor of Science
Caine John T. Sr. HD 1915 Master of Scientific Agriculture
Cardon Philip Vincent HD 1948 Doctor of Laws
Carr Gregory C. HD 2003 Doctor of Humanities
Carson Dorothy Myers HD 1981 Doctor of Laws
Cazier Stanford HD 1992 Doctor of Humanities
Champ Frederick P. CS 1935  
Champ Frederick P. HD 1954 Doctor of Laws
Chase Alice HD 1978 Doctor of Education
Chase Daryl CS 1963  
Chase Daryl CS 1968  
Chase Daryl HD 1971 Doctor of Humanities
Cheney Lynne V. CS/HD 1991 Doctor of Letters
Ching Hung Wo HD 1961 Doctor of Laws
Christensen Gordon Johnson HD 1999 Doctor of Science
Christensen William F. HD 1973 Doctor of Fine Arts
Christiansen Henry N. MC 1973  
Christiansen Jerald Emmett HD 1976 Doctor of Science
Clawson James Harold HD 1979 Doctor of Business Management
Cleave Mary L. CS/HD 1998 Doctor of Engineering Science
Cliff Edward Parley HD 1965 Doctor of Science
Clyde George Dewey HD 1958 Doctor of Science
Colton Kent W. HD 1996 Doctor of Business & Economic Development
Condie Richard Palfreyman HD 1969 Doctor of Fine Arts
Cook Quentin L. HD 2012 Doctor of Laws
Cornwell Patricia HD 2002 Doctor of Letters
Covey Stephen R. CS/HD 2001 Doctor of Business
Crandall Bliss H. HD 1977 Doctor of Science
Cronquist Arthur HD 1987 Doctor of Biological Sciences
Daines Robert Hendry HD 1979 Doctor of Science
Darby William J. HD 1973 Doctor of Science
Denson Charles D. CS/HD 2013 Doctor of Business
Dern George H. CS 1928  
Devine James H. CS 1930  
Dixon Henry Aldous HD 1956 Doctor of Laws
Dmitrich Mike HD 2011 Doctor of Laws
Dowdeswell Elizabeth CS/HD 1995 Doctor of Environmental Management
Eaton George A. CS 1927  
Eaton George A. HD 1938 Doctor of Laws
Eccles George Stoddard CS/HD 1970 Doctor of Laws
Eccles Marriner S. CS 1951  
Eccles Marriner Stoddard HD 1963 Doctor of Laws
Eccles Spencer F. CS/HD 1996 Doctor of Finance
Edelman Marian Wright CS/HD 1997 Doctor of Humanities
Eigen Manfred CS/HD 1990 Doctor of Science
Elion Gertrude B. HD 1994 Doctor of Medical Sciences
Ellsworth Homer S. HD 1986 Doctor of Medical Sciences
Ercanbrack Fern B. HD 1963 Doctor of Humanities
Evans David W. HD 1978 Doctor of Humanities
EvansHughCS/HD2014Doctor of Humane Letters
Eyring Henry A. CS/HD 1973 Doctor of Science
Falkenstein Claire HD 1990 Doctor of Fine Arts
Farrell F.D. CS 1939  
Farrell F.D. CS 1953  
Ford Gerald R. CS/HD 1974 Doctor of Laws
Foxley Cecelia Harrison HD 2007 Doctor of Education
Foxley Douglas S. HD 2016 Doctor of Human Letters
Funk C. Reed HD 1994 Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Gandhi Niranjan R. HD 2005 Doctor of Agriculture
Gardner David Pierpont CS/HD 1987 Doctor of Humanities
Gardner Eldon J. HD 1981 Doctor of Science
Gardner Marjorie Hyer HD 1975 Doctor of Education
Garn E.J. (Jake) CS/HD 1993 Doctor of Political Science & Aerospace Studies
Gee E. Gordon CS/HD 2003 Doctor of Humane Letters
Giles Clark P. HD 2008 Doctor of Laws
GloverDanny L. CS/HD 2010 Doctor of Humane Letters
Goshen Elmer I. CS 1917  
Goudsmit Samuel Abraham HD 1972 Doctor of Science
Grant Adam Cs/HD 2017 Doctor of Business
Greitens Eric CS 2012  
Hale-Wilson Larzette G. HD 2003 Doctor of Business
Hammond (Sec. of State) CS 1904  
Hanks Marion D. HD 1979 Doctor of Humanities
Hannah John A. CS 1964  
Hansen Lars P. HD 2012 Doctor of Science
Hansen R. Gaurth HD 1991 Doctor of Science
Hansen W. Eugene HD 2008 Doctor of Laws
Harrar J. George CS/HD 1971 Doctor of Laws
Harris Franklin S. HD 1950 Doctor of Science
Harris Jay Dee HD 1976 Doctor of Humanities
Hatch Orrin G. HD 2013 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hawkins Paula CS/HD 1982 Doctor of Laws
Hays Joseph Andrew HD 2016 Doctor of Human Letters
Hedrick Ulysses Prentiss HD 1938 Doctor of Laws
Henderson LaVell Merl HD 1974 Doctor of Science
Hesburgh Theodore M. HD 1971 Doctor of Humanities
Hewlett William R. HD 1980 Doctor of Engineering
Hill Reuben L. HD 1977 Doctor of Humanities
Hinckley Gordon B. HD 1986 Doctor of Humanities
Hines Frank Thomas HD 1920 Doctor of Laws
Hines Frank Thomas CS 1944  
Hoffmann Robert S. HD 1988 Doctor of Biological Sciences
Hong Young-Chul HD 2007 Doctor of Business
Hoopes Lorenzo N. HD 2006 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hope Bob CS/HD 1975 Doctor of Humanities
Hornbeck Stanley K. CS 1942  
Howell James Albert HD 1948 Doctor of Laws
Hughes Jonathan Roberts Tyson HD 1990 Doctor of Social Sciences
Humphrey George D. CS 1950  
Huntsman Jon M. CS/HD 1994 Doctor of Humanities
Huntsman Jon M. Jr. Cs/HD 2016 Doctor of Human Letters
Huntsman Karen HaightHD 2011 Doctor of Humane Letters
Hwang K. Philip CS/HD 1983 Doctor of Engineering
Hyun Syng-Il HD 2011 Doctor of Humane Letters
Irish Carolyn Tanner CS/HD 2002 Doctor of Social Sciences
Isaacson Thorpe B. HD 1956 Doctor of Laws
Israelsen Orson Winso HD 1962 Doctor of Science
Ivins Anthony Woodward HD 1934 Doctor of Laws
Jardine James Tertius HD 1947 Doctor of Science
Jardine William M. CS/HD 1925 Doctor of Laws
Jardine William M. HD 1947 Doctor of Laws
Jardine Winnifred C. HD 1999 Doctor of Family & Consumer Food Sciences
Jensen Marcus M. HD 1991 Doctor of Biological Sciences
Johnson Huey D. HD 2009 Doctor of Natural Resources Conservation
Johnson Jane Clayson CS/HD 2004 Doctor of Humane Letters
Johnson Wyatt Thomas CS/HD 1981 Doctor of Humanities
Jones Emma Eccles HD 1985 Doctor of Humanities
Jordan Amos A. HD 1996 Doctor of International Relations
Jordan I. King HD 1991 Doctor of Humanities
Kelley Fern Shipley HD 1973 Doctor of Humanities
Kelly F.J. CS 1929  
Kerr William J. (Pres.) CS 1905  
Kerr William Jasper HD 1938 Doctor of Laws
Kerr William Rolfe HD 1993 Doctor of Education
Kim Jong Pil HD 1992 Doctor of Political Science
Kimball Spencer W. HD 1975 Doctor of Philosophy
Langton Willard Samuel CS 1914  
Larsen Ernest O. HD 1959 Doctor of Science
Larson Arthur CS/HD 1967 Doctor of Laws
Larson White Beverly Jean HD 2017 Doctor of Humane Letters
Laub James D. HD 2007 Doctor of Business and Entrepreneurship
Lawson Frederick Quinney CS/HD 2007 Doctor of Divinity
Lawson Janet Q. HD 2001 Doctor of Natural Resources
Leary William H. CS 1921  
Lee Harold B. HD 1953 Doctor of Humanities
Leftwich William E. III HD 2000 Doctor of Humanities
Leone Nicholas C. HD 1988 Doctor of Medical Sciences
Levine Philip HD 1990 Doctor of Letters
Lilienthal David E. CS 1946  
Lipman Charles B. CS 1936  
Lopez Barry HD 2002 Doctor of Environmental Studies
Lyman Richard R. CS 1940  
Macewan E.J. CS 1915  
Madsen Arch L. HD 1995 Doctor of Communication
Madsen Louis L. HD 1979 Doctor of Science
Maggelet Crystal Call HD 2015 Doctor of Business
Magrath C. Peter CS/HD 2006 Doctor of Humane Letters
Marlatt Abby L. HD 1938 Doctor of Laws
Marshall Ray HD 2000 Doctor of Economics
Mason Alpheus Thomas HD 1976 Doctor of Science
Matheson Scott M. HD 1989 Doctor of Humanities
Maxwell Neal A. HD 1981 Doctor of Humanities
McCowin Bernice H. HD 2005 Doctor of Education
McDonald Howard S. CS 1955  
McGauhey Percy Harold HD 1971 Doctor of Science
McKay David O. HD 1950 Doctor of Laws
McKay Emma Ray Riggs HD 1954 Doctor of Humanities
Meikle john Alexander CS 1937  
Melo de Cardona Ligia Amada HD 2016 Doctor of Education
Merrill M.R. CS 1965  
Merrill Milton Rees HD 1970 Doctor of Humanities
Michaelson Charles Donald HD 1962 Doctor of Science
Miller John R. HD 2012 Doctor of Agribusiness
Mills William "Billy" CS/HD 1999 Doctor of Humanities
Moe Edward O. HD 1987 Doctor of Social Sciences
Moen Johanna HD 1950 Doctor of Laws
Molina Mario J. HD 2002 Doctor of Atmospheric Sciences
MooreR. GilbertHD2014Doctor of Physics
Morgan William E. CS 1962  
Morrill Stew CH/HD 2015 Doctor of Education
Mortimer William James HD 1998 Doctor of Humanities
Moulton Arthur W. CS 1947  
Moyle Henry D. HD 1961 Doctor of Humanities
Murphy Reg CS/HD 1980 Doctor of Humanities
Musser Mrs. Burton W. HD 1959 Doctor of Laws
Nelson A.C. CS 1907  
Nelson Lowry HD 1978 Doctor of Science
Nelson Russell M. HD 1989 Doctor of Medical Sciences
Nibley Charles W. CS 1911  
Nichols John R. CS 1949  
Norris William C. CS/HD 1984 Doctor of Science
Novak Ruth L. HD 2004 Doctor of Science & Engineering
Olsen Donald B. HD 2000 Doctor of Agriculture
Olsen Merlin HD 2004 Doctor of Business
Olsen Merlin CS 2005  
Osguthorpe John E. HD 1998 Doctor of Agriculture
Packer Boyd K. HD 1996 Doctor of Humanities
Page Louise HD 1980 Doctor of Science
Palmer William R. HD 1952 Doctor's Degree
Parkin Bonnie D. HD 2009 Doctor of Humane Letters
Parry Robert W. HD 1985 Doctor of Science
Pedersen N.A. CS 1945  
Pedersen Nels Alvin HD 1962 Doctor of Humanities
Pelczar Michael J. Jr. CS/HD 1986 Doctor of Science
Perry L. Tom HD 2008 Doctor of Humane Letters
Petersen T.S. CS 1957  
Peterson Dean Freeman III HD 1978 Doctor of Science
Peterson Elmer George HD 1945 Doctor of Laws
Peterson Esther CS/HD 1985 Doctor of Consumer Affairs
PetersonMrs. Elmer George HD 1957 Doctor of Humanities
Peterson Phoebe N. (Mrs. E.G.) HD 1947 Doctor of Humanities
Peterson William HD 1946 Doctor of Science
Peterson William HD 1947 Doctor of Science
Pett L.F. CS 1958  
Phillips Lucy Ann HD 1965 Doctor of Humanities
Pitcher Jed H. HD 2016 Doctor of Human Letters
Platt John R. HD 1974 Doctor of Psychology
Plowman R. Dean HD 1996 Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Plowman Rex G. HD 1984 Doctor of Humanities
Powers Orlando W. CS 1910  
Price Jay H. Jr. HD 1993 Doctor of Accounting
QuayleDonald R. HD 2010 Doctor of Humane Letters
Quigley James H. CS/HD 2008 Doctor of Business
Quinney Samuel Joe HD 1976 Doctor of Laws
RallisonRichard D. HD 1995 Doctor of Electro-Optical Engineering
Rampton Calvin L. HD 1977 Doctor of Laws
Rampton Lucybeth Cardon HD 1974 Doctor of Humanities
Raubenheimer Albert Sydney CS 1954  
Rector Hartman Jr. HD 1977 Doctor of Humanities
Redd C. Hardy HD 2011 Doctor of Humane Letters
Reed Joseph Verner HD 1991 Doctor of Environmental Law
Reeder Ella V. HD 1953 Doctor of Humanities
Reeve Eldrow "Dutch" HD 1990 Doctor of Agribusiness
Reid Harry HD 2002 Doctor of Political Science
Revelle Roger HD 1976 Doctor of Science
Richards LeGrande HD 1964 Doctor of Humanities
Richards Lorenzo A. HD 1974 Doctor of Science
Richards Stephen L. CS 1920  
Richards Stephen L. CS 1948  
Richardson Ralph W. Jr. HD 1979 Doctor of Science
Ritchey Harold W. HD 1961 Doctor of Science
Robins W.B. HD 1983 Doctor of Agribusiness
Romney Ernest Lowell HD 1960 Doctor of Humanities
Russell Manon Caine HD 2006 Doctor of Fine Arts
Salisbury Norman D. HD 1972 Doctor of Business Administration
Sanborn Jeremiah W. HD 1915 Doctor of Laws
Sanborn Jeremiah W. CS 1926  
Sanders Newell V. HD 1964 Doctor of Laws
Sant David G. HD 2005 Doctor of Engineering
Santiwat Mathana HD 2013 Doctor of Business
Schlesinger Arthur M. Jr. CS/HD 1978 Doctor of Education
Schreiner Alexander HD 1974 Doctor of Fine Arts
Schriever Bernard A. HD 1995 Doctor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Scripps James G. HD 1983 Doctor of Humanities
Sesaweech Tweesackdi HD 1997 Doctor of Agricultural Science
Shaw Byron Thomas HD 1957 Doctor of Laws
Shingo Shigeo HD 1988 Doctor of Management
Shipley Richard Lyle HD 2015 Doctor of Human Letters
Simons Daryl B. CH 1985 DA/College of Engineering
Simpkin P.A. CS 1919 
Simplot J.R. HD 2001 Doctor of Agricultural Sciences & Food Industry
SimplotScott R. HD 2010 Doctor of Agriculture
Smith Terry HD 1993 Doctor of Geography & Earth Resources
Sonne Alma HD 1971 Doctor of Laws
Sorenson Beverley T. HD 2008 Doctor of Arts Education
Sowell Thomas CS/HD 1989 Doctor of Letters
Spendlove Rex S. HD 1989 Doctor of Science
Sproul Robert Gordon CS 1938  
Spry William CS 1909  
Spry William CS 1912  
Spry William CS 1913  
Staheli Donald L. HD 1998 Doctor of Agribusiness
Stegner Wallace Earle CS/HD 1972 Doctor of Literature
Stephens Frank B. CS 1923  
Stephens Frank B. CS 1933  
Stewart Ted HD 2017 Doctor of Humane Letters
Stone James M. HD 1972 Doctor of Science
SwanerPaula M. HD 2010 Doctor of Humane Letters
Swenson May HD 1987 Doctor of Letters
Swinyard Ewart A. HD 1983 Doctor of Science
Taggart Glen L. CS/HD 1979 Doctor of Humanities
Tanner Bertrand D. HD 2009 Doctor of Agricultural Meteorology (posthumously)
Tanner Obert C. HD 1968 Doctor of Humanities
Thomas Bert L. HD 1977 Doctor of Business
Thomas Elbert D. CS 1941  
Thompson W.O. CS 1932  
Thorne Alison Comish HD 2000 Doctor of Family & Consumer Sciences
Thorne David Wynne HD 1975 Doctor of Science
Thorne Kip S. CS/HD 2000 Doctor of Science
Udall Stewart Lee CS/HD 1966 Doctor of Laws
Upham A.H. CS 1922  
Van Alstyne Arvo HD 1985 Doctor of Laws
Van Kampen Kent R. HD 1994 Doctor of Biological Sciences
Vanocur Sander CS/HD 1977 Doctor of Humanities
Varian C.S. CS 1903  
Varner Durward B. CS/HD 1976 Doctor of Science
Volcker Paul A. CS/HD 1992 Doctor of Economics
Wallace Henry A. CS 1934  
Wallace William R. HD 1952 Doctor's Degree
Wallentine C. Booth HD 2004 Doctor of Agriculture
Wang Don J. HD 2017 Doctor of Agriculture
Wanlass George Ralph HD 2005 Doctor of Arts
Wanlass Kathryn Caine HD 1995 Doctor of Humanities
Warne William E. CS 1959  
Watts Lyle F. HD 1953 Doctor of Science
Weigand William K. Rev. HD 1992 Doctor of Social Sciences
WelchDominic A. HD 2010 Doctor of Humane Letters
Wells Heber M. (Gov.) CS 1899  
Wells Heber M. (Gov.) CS 1903  
West Allan M. HD 1973 Doctor of Education
West Franklin L. HD 1963 Doctor of Laws
Wheelon J.C. HD 1915 Master of Scientific Agriculture
Widstoe John A. HD 1914 Doctor of Laws
Wilkerson L. John CS/HD 2011 Doctor of Humane Letters
Wilkinson Denys Haigh HD 1975 Doctor of Science
Williams John Towner HD 2001 Doctor of Music
Williams John W. HD 2003 Doctor of Arts
Williams Terry Tempest HD 2001 Doctor of Humanities
Wilson Owen Meredith CS/HD 1969 Doctor of Humanities
Wittwer Sylvan H. HD 1982 Doctor of Science
Wright Delbert F. CS 1960  
Wynn Daniel Webster HD 1975 Doctor of Humanities
Young Adele Christensen HD 1998 Doctor of Education
Young Dale W. HD 1998 Doctor of Agicultural Sciences
Zahedi Ardeshir HD 1960 Doctor of Laws
Claude E. HD 1980 Doctor of Science