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Data Releases

Data Releases from the Office of Analysis Vizualized using Tableau Server. These Data Viz's are for Enrollment, Course, Graduation and Employee Data as reported to the Board of Regents and IPEDS.

Enrollments at a Glance

A simple, interactive overview of USU Enrollments in Tableau.


A more detailed vizualization of USU enrollment data in Tableau.
Enrollment Summaries as PDF
Retention/Graduation PDF

STEM Enrollments/ Graduations

Analysis of Enrollments and Graduations for the STEM field.
USU STEM office
Stem Enrollment
Stem Graduation

Movers and Shakers

Tableau Viz showing Gainers for Fall Enrollment and Graduation year on year.

USU Faculty

This is a link to the Contract Employee Vizualization. It captures data for all Full Time benefit eligible employees.

Employee File as Lists

Department Summaries

These Department Summaries combine data from Enrollment, Graduation and Employee Tables to create a one stop view of Departments.
Summaries by Department as PDF

Cool Stuff

Here you will find some Cool Stuff that we've created using Tableau Software and Data from our office and from other Data Sources.

DM Individual Charts

Digital Measures Individual Data Charts.
*Requires Faculty Access

Average GPA by Course

View showing Average GPAs by Course, with Averages by Department
*Requires Department Access

DM Individual Publications Summary

This view displays Publications from Digital Measures for an individual faculty member.
*Requires Faculty Access

Idea Individual Summary

This view shows Idea Center scores for all courses taught by a Faculty member. This has a dropdown by Course.
*Requires Faculty Access

Idea for Department Heads

Set of Tools for Deparment Heads to view Idea Center Data by Department or College.
*Requires Department Access

DM Publications for Department Heads

View of Publications from Digital Measures at the College, Department or Individual Levels.
*Requires Department Access

Idea Scores for Department

This view shows Idea Center scores for all courses taught by a Faculty member in a specific Department.
*Requires Department Access

IPEDS Peers Dashboards

Compare USU to Instituional Peers with data downloaded from the IPEDS system and vizualized using Tableau. College ROI Analysis

Return on Investment on Education based on a study by PayScale, Inc.

1 More tiles

Results of surveys conducted by the Office of Analysis, vizualized using Tableau Software.


This very interesting Vizualization takes the results of the FSSE (Faculty Survey of Student Engagement) and compares the results to the NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) to create a comparison to how students see themselves and how Faculty see the students.

Wyoming Survey

Using Data from the Wyoming Survey, compare USU to other Institutions. Choose categories and see how USU ranks!
Undergraduate Viz
Graduate Viz

Freshman & Sophomore Student Survey

2014 Survey
2013 Survey
2015-11 Archive

Graduating Student Survey

2013-14 | 2012-13 | 2005-11

Nursing Surveys

Nursing Surveys

RCDE Graduating Students Survey

2013-14 | 2012-13

School of Graduate Studies Survey

SGS Survey 2012-13