Student Academic Support Courses

Introductory Courses

These courses help students get acquainted with university technology, expecations, resources, and skills necessary for college success. 

USU 1010 University Connections

This course is designed for all incoming students. It is an introduction to the purpose of a college education as well as becoming a lifelong learner.



3 Credits

USU 1750 Comprehension Strategies for College Reading

Practical course emphasizing application of strategies and development of critical thinking skills needed to comprehend and distill meaning from college-level texts. Courses over one credit require in-course practice time.

1- 3 Credits
*SSS Course Only 

USU 1220 Career and Life Planning

This course emphasizes discovering relationships between personal characteristics and the realities of educational and employment opportunities. Students will explore setting goals, creating action plans, and coping with change.

3 Credits

USU 1730 Strategies for Academic Success

This course orients students to the systems, tools, and resources unique to higher education and helps students develop critical thinking, study, and learning strategies necessary for college success.

3 Credits


Habits of Mind

USU Academic Success offers several 1 credit, 7-week courses which address a variety of habits of mind necessary for success in university work.  USU Habits of Mind courses build on the foundation that many incoming students learn in USU 1010 – University Connections. These following classes are taught by various units across campus and focus on specific areas for improvement, and in most cases allow students to focus on making work in other classes more productive, efficient and purposeful.   

As you work through specific challenges, this year, we encourage you to identify specific areas for improvement.  We welcome you to participate in the following courses: 

USU 1020 Habits of Mind: Planning for College Success

This course focuses on the theory and practice of effective planning, including time management, organizational skills, adult mindset, and motivation.

1 Credit

USU 1050 Habits of Mind: First Scholars Seminar

This course is designed for first-generation college students with the primary focus placed on fostering a sense of belonging, providing equity in University access, and facilitating community-building

1 Credit

USU 1030 Habits of Mind: Resilience

This course focuses on the basic understanding, development, and practice of resilience skills in order to enhance performance in academic, workplace, and other demanding contexts.

1 Credit

USU 1060 Habits of Mind: Reading for College Success

This course focuses on practical application of strategies and the development of critical thinking skills needed to comprehend and distill meaning from college-level texts.

1 Credit

USU 1040 Habits of Mind: Learning for College Success

This course focuses on developing academic skills, beliefs, and behaviors for implementation in and out of class.

1 Credit

USU 1070 Habits of Mind: Success in STEM

This course focuses on assisting students in achieving success in STEM environments; particularly mathematics, statistics, biology, and chemistry. The course focus is to enhance students' ability to recognize and avoid common difficulties in STEM-related areas.

1 Credit


USU Eastern Courses

These additional support courses are only offered at the USU Eastern Campus. 

USU 1100 First-Year Seminar

Characterized by investigation of a topic that is most likely a research, scholarly, or artistic specialty of the faculty member. Topic presented in pedagogically interesting ways. May include fieldwork or trips to enhance study of the topic.


3 Credits

USU 1160 Developing Self-Management Skills

A practical course designed to provide basic self-management skills contributing to personal effectiveness.

3 Credits