Student Academic Support Courses

Habits of Mind

USU Academic Success offers several 1 credit, 7-week courses which address a variety of habits of mind necessary for success in university work. USU Habits of Mind courses build on the foundation that many incoming students learn in USU 1010 — University Connections. These following classes are taught by various units across campus and focus on specific areas for improvement, and in most cases allow students to focus on making work in other classes more productive, efficient and purposeful.   

As you work through specific challenges, this year, we encourage you to identify specific areas for improvement. We welcome you to participate in the following courses: 

USU 1020 — Personal Productivity

This course focuses on research-informed practices and techniques related to time management, self-regulation and motivation, organization, and planning. Students will also learn how to apply these skills to achieve greater productivity in other aspects of live.

1 Credit - 7 Weeks


USU 1030 — Resilience

This Habit of Mind course focuses on a basic understanding of the science of resiliance and the development of resilience practices. These habits and practies can be applied to enhance performance in academic, workplace, and other demanding contexts.

1 Credit - 7 Weeks


USU 1040 — Learning for College Success

This course focuses on developing academic skills, techniques, and behaviors including notetaking, test preparation, test-taking, and reviewing exam results. These skills and techniques will be applied to current courses, but students will also learn how to apply them to future courses and non-academic settings.

1 Credit - 7 Weeks


USU 1050 — Navigating College: Aggie First Scholars

This Habit of Mind course introduces students to the Aggie First Scholar's program at USU. It teaches students who have not had familial exposure to college the habits and skills necessary to intentionally design and navigate their university experience. 

1 Credit - 7 Weeks

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USU 1060 — Reading College Texts

This course teaches students how to get the most out of their college-level texts through research-based learning and studying techniques that include annotating, reviewing, comprehending, and recalling information found in college-level texts from their other courses but will also learn how to apply these habits and techniques to future college-level reading.

1 Credit - 7 Weeks


USU 1070 — Growth Mindset in STEM

This course focuses on assisting students to identify, develop, and apply a growth mindset regarding STEM subject. Students will practice curiosity, inquiry, and critical thinking in a variety of STEM subjects as well as practical experience. The habits, techniques and skills learned in this class can be applied to current and future STEM courses as well as beyond the classroom. 

1 Credit - 7 Weeks


Introductory Courses

These courses help students get acquainted with university technology, expecations, resources, and skills necessary for college success. 

USU 1010 — University Connections

This course is designed for all incoming students. It is an introduction to the purpose of a college education as well as becoming a lifelong learner.

2 Credits

USU 1400 — Exploring Majors & Careers

This course provides students with the tools to explore major and career options in order to design a life they love. Students will spend time developing a strong self-awareness, understand how that plays into major/career options, and then work on making a decision. The activities, content, experiences, and resources in this course serve as a basis for life planning and the process of important career and life decisions.

1 Credit

USU 1730 — Habits for Academic Success

This course introduces students to the skills, techniques and learning science related to college-level academic success. This course will emphasize self-regulated learning, critical thinking, and a growth mindset. Students will apply these learning methods and habits to their current course-load, future courses and activities beyond college.

3 Credits