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EagleFunded provides a way for student organizations and affinity groups to raise funds for new projects, programs, and initiatives, so they can make an impact on campus and in the world.


Does your club sports team, student organization have the resources to realize its vision? Do you have supporters but haven’t yet been able to mobilize them to give? If you are a USUSA club, Fraternity or Sorority and looking to fundraise visit USU Student Organization Fundraising.

EagleFunded offers a platform to use storytelling and peer-to-peer connection to reach your fundraising goals in a 30-45 day campaign, three times during the academic year. We are currently accepting projects. If interested in any further information or have any questions/comments, please contact us at crowdfunding@usu.edu or (435) 797-2143. Thank you for your interest, applications must be submitted at least 30 days before the expected launch.

How does it work?

All project teams are asked to complete a thorough application process. Start by submitting a crowdfunding application and you will be put in contact with a member of the EagleFunded team.

Crowdfunding campaigns require a minimum of 4 weeks to plan and execute a successful campaign launch. Project teams that take the time to craft thoughtful messaging, a compelling campaign video, and assign communication roles set themselves up to meet and surpass their crowdfunding goal.

EagleFunded is the only approved crowdfunding platform at Utah State University. We are here to ensure your department, team, club, or organization meets your fundraising goals.


Who can apply to use EagleFunded?

Any fundraisers that qualify to receive charitable contributions as long as the contributions support the charitable purpose of Utah State University. Student organizations wishing to use EagleFunded for a fundraiser must receive approval through the Application to Raise Funds. Campaigns raising money that will be passed along to other non-profits are *not* eligible to use the EagleFunded platform.

Student organizations your fundraiser must be approved through the Application to Raise Funds first before you can apply to use the EagleFunded Platform.


Who decides if our project will be added to the EagleFunded platform?

After your fundraiser has been approved through the Application to Raise Funds process, you will apply to use the crowdfunding platform. A member of the EagleFunded team will review your application and approve based on project team commitment, appeal, timeline and potential. You can expect a response via email within 5 business days.


What types of projects make the platform?

Passionate projects with a beginning and an end! Something that you can share with a tribe of people that you can identify and communicate with before you launch. The best type of crowdfunding project is led by passionate team members who are focused on bettering our USU community.


Sample Checklist for Platform

Download sample checklist


Sample Timeline

Download sample timeline


Successful Emails

  • Make the ask - why does this cause matter to you? What are you asking for, how can they help, how will this impact, why now, etc.
  • All donations count! Share donation counts, average size gift, giving levels and descriptions.
  • Include updates, relevant news and announcements, human interest stories, and a clear call to action, address each email by recipient’s name.

Successful Email Templates

Launch Email

Dear (address how you would refer to them in person),

I hope you’re well! I’m writing to you today about something very important to me. During my time at Utah State I have become involved with (organization name).

I am very passionate about this project that focuses on (two sentence summary with personal details on why you are committed)

For the next 30 days we are raising money for (project name, link to EagleFunded project site). We have volunteered to raise $X and I am reaching out to you because you supported me in the past and I would love for you to support us now. Would you please contribute to our goal? A gift of any amount will be a huge help, as will sharing of our message and cause.

Make your gift today! Link to EagleFunded project

Thank you for your support!
Your name

Halfway there Email

Dear (address how you would refer to them in person),

I wanted to let you know in the last X days X donors have helped us raise $X towards our cause, (project name).

We need support of any size to help keep our momentum going early in the campaign. Will you please consider making a gift?


We only need x gifts of $x to reach 30% of our goal. Will you please consider making a gift?

Make your gift today! Link to EagleFunded project

As you can see, this is something I am very passionate about. Thank you for your support.

Your name

Final stretch Email

Dear (address how you would refer to them in person),

There are still X days to raise funds for (project name) and we so grateful for what our donors and community have helped us accomplish. I am so excited to share that we have reached X% of our goal for (project name), and there’s still time left to reach our goal of $X.

Would you join the other supporters of (project name) and help us reach (or exceed depending) our goal?

Make your gift today! Link to EagleFunded project

Thank you for allowing me to share updates with you this past month, and for your consideration in supporting this project!

Your name

End of Campaign email

Dear (address how you would refer to them in person),

Thank you! With your help we were able to raise $X for (project name), which is X% of our goal!

These funds mean:

  • Difference 1
  • Difference 2
  • Difference 3

We all appreciate your support and could not have accomplished this without people like you believing in this cause.

Thank you,
(your name)


What goes in social media posts?

  • Highlight camping updates, team members and other ambassadors. Link to other content, including the main site and any organizations with influence that are on board, share donation totals and needs, recruit new donors.
  • Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, websites
  • Both your own personal sites and your organizations (club, program, department, college)
  • Donor thank yous

Other things to consider

  • It is up to you to build momentum for your cause
  • Say “thank you” often
  • Larger gifts, especially ahead of time, can be used as a matching gift options
  • If the campaign is picked up on any sites, news, or media, make sure to share on social media
  • Tell your story, provide personal connection with potential donors to you and the project

How does our group receive the funds raised?

  • All money raised is transferred from University Advancement to your USU Banner Index that can accept donations.

Is there a fee to use the EagleFunded platform?

  • Effective July 1, 2021, a 5% university gift investment fee, governed by USU’s applicable policies, will be applied to all new, non-endowed gifts to improve University Advancement’s capacity to increase and manage philanthropic giving to USU.