Caffe Ibis

Caffe Ibis Roasting Company is a woman-owned and operated award-winning coffee roasting company founded in 1976 in Logan, Utah by two USU students, Sally Sears and Randy Wirth. Firmly grounded in the guiding principles of seeking out quality coffees that meet high standards for our planet and people, we source and roast Organic, Fair Trade, and Bird Friendly certified specialty coffees that are produced with human health, dignity, and environmental benefits in mind. The core mission is to be unbeatable for quality and freshness while supporting social and environmental stewardship, and everyone who works at Caffe Ibis enthusiastically supports and actively participates in the local community and beyond.

photo of woman in front of store sign
Lesa Wilson

Lesa Wilson and her husband, Dave, and their two children, Tom and Elizabeth, moved from Ithaca, New York to Cache Valley in 2006, where Dave became a member of the faculty at Utah State University. Randy Wirth and Sally Sears were decades into operating Caffe Ibis and hired Lesa as a bookkeeper in early 2007. Not having any experience in manufacturing, and very little with coffee, an exciting new world was unleashed! Randy and Sally supported Lesa in her education at Utah State University, where she earned in 2012 a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.
Lesa participated in social outreach while living in upstate New York through Lansing United Methodist Church and found that the style and commitments of Caffe Ibis aligned with her thoughts on how business could exist in the world. As mentors, Randy and Sally shared their passion and know-how with so many.

Following Randy’s tragic death in 2014, Sally retired at the end of 2019 and handed over the reins in 2020 to Lesa. Our team today carries on the important legacy and mission created by Randy and Sally of providing organic, Fair Trade and Bird Friendly coffees, making better the lives of our farm partners around the world. Along with these certifications, supporting and standing with our local community non-profits and arts organizations through premiums on special coffees ensures Cache Valley remains a special place to live and grow.

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