REACH Peer Program

Resourceful, Educational, Accepting, Coaching, Helpful Undergraduates coaching their peers to improved mental health!


What do REACH Peers do?

REACH Peers work with students who can benefit from learning and practicing mental health skills. Peers meet with clients any number of times up to once per week for 30-50 minutes, teaching and practicing skills with the clients, engaging in active listening & offering emotional support. The skills taught include: relaxation and stress management skills (such as belly breathing, visualization, progressive muscle relaxation, healthy thinking) and a variety of other mental health skills (e.g., assertiveness, body acceptance, self-care, test anxiety management, meditation, mindfulness, healthy sleep, chair yoga, test/performance anxiety, suicide prevention, behavioral activation).

Peers typically organize 4 campus-wide mental health outreaches each year, two early in the semester and two prior to finals. The outreaches are designed to help students be aware of CAPS services, de-stigmatize mental health, and learn preventative and basic mental health skills. At outreach events, student choose from a menu of mental health modules and participate in a brief activity with a Peer to learn a new skill. At Stress Bust events, there are also therapy animals on-site and games and art tables for students to just unwind.

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Since 1995, the REACH Peer program has been in place at USU to assist the Utah State University Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS) in their work with the campus community. From the program’s inception, graduates from the Peer program have moved on to success in graduate programs and helping professions of all kinds, enriched by the unique opportunities provided by the program.

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