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Wednesday, February 28

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Women In Tech - Pitch Competition

Student Activities

Come learn the importance of pitching, practice pitching & receiving feedback, and have some treats!

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm | Huntsman Hall |

Entrepreneur Leadership Series: Jon Schmidt

Panel Discussion/Presentation

Jon Schmidt is a contemporary American pianist and composer, celebrated for his versatile musical talent and compositions. Schmidt’s musical interest started at a young age because of his parent's gift of an early education in music. He started teaching piano lessons at 16 and began a successful solo career in his early twenties. His distinctive style blends classical influences with modern elements, creating a unique musical fusion that resonates with audiences worldwide.
When going to college, Schmidt was worried about a career in music. He studied English and planned to get an MBA. After continuous pestering from people asking him to play the piano, he finally rented out a concert hall to introduce himself to the public. His audience loved him, and he hasn’t regretted pursuing his music career.
Jon Schmidt is a member of The Piano Guys, a musical group known for their innovative arrangements and music videos. The Piano Guys was formed in 2010 and the group has a large online following which has created millions of views on YouTube. Their goal is to inspire those who listen to their music.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Eccles Conference Center Auditorium |




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