All Means All

Application Process

Learn about the application process and download the form to become part of the All Means All program! Applications accepted until May 1, 2023.

For Licensed Family Child Care Programs:
Any Caregiver or Director is eligible. 

For Licensed Centers: Once a Center Director, Owner, or Designated Director completes the All Means All program, any Caregiver is eligible.
There is no limit to how many caregivers can participate after a Director, Owner, or Designated Director finishes the program. 


Obtain Special Needs Endorsement

Complete 40 hours (4 CEUs or 3 college credits) of approved training through Care About Childcare on special needs and inclusion and apply for the Special Needs Endorsement through your Care About Childcare profile. You can find approved training by going to the Course Calendar on Care About Childcare and filtering by "Special Needs". Your local Care About Childcare can help you sign up for classes if you need assistance. 

Note: Your Special Needs Endorsement does not expire. If you have ever received your Endorsement, it still counts.

Complete One Additional Career Ladder Approved Course

Complete an additional Career Ladder approved course on inclusion. After you have successfully completed the class, the certificate must be uploaded to the "Transcript" portion of your Care About Childcare profile found under "My Professional Development". This is a separate, additional course and is different than the training required for your Special Needs Endorsement.

Post Inclusion Statement

Write an inclusion statement containing a sentence or two describing how your program values diversity, makes a reasonable effort to enroll children with disabilities, or creates an inclusive classroom. Post the inclusion statement by logging into Care About Childcare, going to "My Programs", then clicking and editing the icon that says "Program Message".

Create a Local Resource List

Create a local resource list for caregivers and families that you can easily hand out or display. This resource list must have at least eight local resources pertaining to special needs, with at least two of those resources including places for parents to have their children get assessed/evaluated for a suspected disability. Add contact information for the resource as well as the services offered.

Set Two Goals

Set two goals for your program or classroom focused on implementing what you have learned in trainings.

Receive Your Incentive!

Upon completion, participants will be sent an order form for the $500 inclusion grant to be used towards purchasing diverse materials to benefit all children in your program. The materials can be from either Lakeshore or Kaplan. Caregivers will also receive a $400 incentive for completing all training and tasks.

*The materials purchased with the $500 grant remain the property of the program. If a caregiver leaves the program, the items purchased remain there. The $400 belongs to the participating caregiver and will go directly to them.

Email completed paperwork to or print and send physical copy to 6510 Old Main Hill, Logan, UT 84322.
You can email or call 435-797-1552 if you have questions about the process.
You can also send your Application and Agreement at any time- you do not have to finish everything first or complete things in a specific order.

By understanding that individual variations not only exist but should be expected, educators can plan for and implement inclusive practices and environments. Inclusion means that every child, with and without disabilities, can engage as fully as possible in their learning community and feel that they belong.

Annie Moses, NAEYC