Extend your course impact beyond campus and into the community.

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Through Community-Engaged Learning (CEL), faculty can help achieve USU’s goal to prepare citizen scholars who participate and lead in local, regional, national, and global communities. AggiePulse is a tool and resource that will help you lead your CEL course while having a positive impact in the community. CEL faculty members and courses help students apply information from a class while addressing real needs of the community.

Through AggiePulse, you can:

  • List, find, and organize course activities
  • Communicate with your students
  • Track outputs and reflections to understand the institution and community impact

Get Started on AggiePulse

We are excited to have you on board with AggiePulse. First, you’ll need to request your course page or pages by submitting this form.

If you have any questions, please email Amanda Bevington.

We will notify you with the approval of your request and a link to your course page. Once you have access to your course page, you can customize your page; create your course projects, events, and opportunities; communicate with your students; and start tracking your course impacts.

Customize Your Course Page

There are a variety of ways you can customize your course page to fit the needs of your course. We’ll walk you through some of the most important.

Track Outputs and Reflections to Understand Your Course Impact

AggiePulse has the capability to track, record, and produce reports to visualize and understand the impact your course is having on the institution and the community. Through the resources below, you’ll be able to share your impact.

AggiePulse Tracking and Understanding Data

Record and produce student outcomes and impact reports

Manage student reflections

Share impacts

Collect student information

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand using a new platform comes with a learning curve, and we are here to answer any questions.

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