The Division of Student Affairs inspires, engages, and challenges students through inclusive, holistic, student-centered programming.



We strive to create a community where co-curricular experiences strengthen and broaden student learning inside and outside of the classroom.



We develop meaningful and purposeful relationships that support students.



We expand the capacity of students to develop skills that enable them to achieve success and inspire others.



We value every individual and seek to understand, respect, and celebrate our diversity.



We encourage a balanced life, healthy choices, and an environment that facilitates a sense of belonging for every student.

Division of Student Affairs Asian, Asian American, and AAPI Support

The Division of Student Affairs values every individual and seeks to understand, respect, and celebrate diversity through our student-centered resources and services committed to supporting equity, community, and inclusion. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an escalation of harassment, discrimination, and hate crimes against Asians, Asian Americans, and Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI). These acts are contrary to the division’s mission and values of supporting inclusion and diversity at Utah State University.

We recognize racial trauma and intergenerational trauma has an effect on all aspects of the student experience including mental health and well-being. We offer resources, support, and advocacy to USU students through our student-centered programs for these specific struggles. Please connect with the following departments for advocacy and support during this challenging time:


We care about the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of our students, and support you with health and wellness services, recreation opportunities, and an inclusive atmosphere.


From student government to service opportunities to tons of campus clubs and organizations, there are plenty of ways to meet people and get involved with activities.

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