Report to the University

The university responds promptly upon learning of any form of possible discrimination or sexual misconduct. When you file a report, the Office of Equity will reach out to the person who experienced the misconduct or discrimination to provide information about options through the office, including supportive measures, resources, and a formal investigation.

Privacy of information Shared

Information shared with the Office of Equity is kept private, but may be shared on a limited basis within the university to provide supportive measures or to investigate a report. When a formal investigation is requested, the person who experienced the misconduct cannot remain anonymous.

Amnesty for Student Code Violations

USU offers amnesty for drug and alcohol policy violations of the Student Code when a student reports an incident of sexual misconduct, whether they experienced or witnessed it. Those students who cooperate in a formal investigation of sexual misconduct are also granted amnesty, though they may be encouraged to participate in health education interventions.

How to Report

Choose from the options below. Only students are allowed to make an anonymous report as staff and faculty are responsible employees under Title IX law.