USU Presidential Awards for Civic and Community Engagement

Recognizing outstanding faculty, staff, students, and community partners.

Each year, USU recognizes the work of outstanding faculty, staff, students, and community partners that exemplifies collaboration between USU and the greater community for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

Recognizing work of outstanding faculty, staff, students, and community partners that exemplifies collaboration in a context of partnership and reciprocity.

USU faculty and staff are encouraged to nominate awardees in the following categories:

Community-Engaged Faculty

Community-Engaged Staff

Community-Engaged Student

Community-Engaged Alumnus

Committed Community Partner

Award Criteria


Nominations are due by April 8, and awards are presented at the annual CCE Community Engagement Celebration & Banquet. To nominate an individual or organization, fill out the form below. Please include the contact information for both the nominator and the nominee.

Nomination Form

(Refer to award criteria and provide specific and concrete examples): 500 word limit


Past Recipients


  • CE Faculty: Dr. Jayme Walters
  • CE Staff: Shonna Hemmis
  • CE Alum: Mary Heers
  • CE Student(s): Zoyee Thomas
  • Committed Community Partner: Science Unwrapped
  • Ivory Prize for Excellence in Community Engagement: Danielle Berger


  • CE Faculty: Roslynn McCann & Edwin Stafford
  • CE Staff: James Coburn
  • CE Alum: Casey Snider
  • CE Student(s): Annika Thorup
  • Committed Community Partner: The Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Nation
  • Ivory Prize: Nicole Burnard
  • Crista Sorenson Award for Outstanding Civic and Community Engagement: Megan Wilson


  • CE Faculty: Aurora Hughes
  • CE Staff: Hiram Wigant
  • CE Alum: Sammie MacFarlane
  • CE Student(s): Peter Taylor
  • Committed Community Partner: Mike Stokes


  • CE Faculty: Kristin Searle, Instructional Technology
  • CE Faculty: David Anderson, David Evans & Jake Powell, LAEP
  • CE Staff: Emily Ezola, Music
  • CE Alum: Samuel Rivera, Natural Resources
  • CE Student(s): Jake Hogan
  • Committed Community Partner: Athletics United


  • CE Faculty: Dr. Scott Hammond
  • CE Staff: Dr. Sachin Pavithran
  • CE Alum: Mayor Holly Daines
  • CE Student(s): Kara Bachman and Cassie Twiggs
  • Committed Community Partner: Michael Bingham and the Jump the Moon Foundation


  • CE Faculty: Dr. Jess Lucero
  • CE Staff: Jordy Guth
  • CE Alum:  Bill Grenney,
  • CE Student(s): Terra Pace
  • Committed Community Partner: Café Femenino Foundation


  • CE Faculty: Dr. Matthew Sanders
  • CE Staff: Amber Summers-Graham
  • CE Alum:  Lt. Governor Spencer Cox
  • CE Student(s): Kristin Fitzgerald & RJ Risueno
  • Committed Community Partner: Cache Humane Society


  • CE Faculty: Dr. Kris Miller
  • CE Staff: Dr. Larry Smith
  • CE Alum:  Dennise Gackstetter
  • CE Student(s):  Hannah Pendergast & James Wirth
  • Committed Community Partner: Cache Refugee Immigrant Connection


  • CE Faculty: Dr. Rebecca Walton
  • CE Staff: Star Coulbrooke
  • CE Alum:  Luz Maria Carreno
  • CE Student: Claire Core
  • Committed Community Partner: Emily Malik