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University Connections Information

Connections is a two-credit academic course designed to ease your transition to Utah State by helping you understand the purpose of higher education and how you can intentionally take advantage of the many opportunities and challenges available to you as a college student.

  • Find your why
  • Understand your responsibilities and opportunities
  • Develop a mindset of success and belonging
  • Meet your mentors


The number of first-year students who take USU 1010




Instructor who will mentor you through your first two semesters


Peer mentor who will email you weekly during your first semester


Evening and weekend activities to help you meet other incoming students


Connections students say they learned how to better engage themselves in the process of becoming an educated person

USU first-year students talk about Connections

“I liked the open discussion aspect of our sessions. I felt that the time in class with my peers and instructor was a safe space to discuss our views on college and voice any concerns or hesitations we had about our upcoming years at university.” –Connections 2019 participant

“It made it so much easier. I felt more confident about campus and about the resources that I can use to help me succeed in school.” –Connections 2019 participant

“I felt like a part of the Aggie family by the end of the connections class, [my instructor] taught us about anything the campus has to offer and she was excited about it which made me excited to. She showed me that Aggies are helpful and friendly.” –Connections 2019 participant

“My connections instructor was one of the best parts about the course. She was very caring for all of her students and it was clearly obvious that she wanted the best for all of them.” –Connections 2019 participant

“Very effective. I really felt unsure about the whole college experience prior to my connections class but since taking the class I am confident in managing my experience here at Utah State University.” –Connections 2019 participant

“I believe that the focus on 'Becoming a Learner' was among the most valuable; putting emphasis on the ability to learn, and developing habits which would aid and assist with that process.” –Connections 2019 participant