Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a contract to be reviewed and signed?

It varies by contract.

Does delegated signature authority mean I am exempt from the laws of the State of Utah?

No, it does not.

What are possible consequences if I sign without proper delegation of signature authority?

Employees who sign contracts without properly delegated authority may be at risk of legal action and may be subject to University disciplinary action. (Policy 528-Contract Signature Authority and Delegation)

Why can't I sign a contract?

Unless otherwise delegated, contracts may only be signed by the President of the University, Vice President for Business and Finance, Associated Vice President for Business and Finance, Controller, or the Vice President for Research.

Who do I send the contract to?

After obtaining department signatures, you can send the contract along with the document review form to Purchasing and Contract Services.

Who should sign in my department?

See Contract Review Procedures, Section 3.a.3

The contract asks for proof of insurance. How do I get proof of insurance?

Contact Risk Management Services at 435-797-1951 or

Why do I need to use a Contract Review Form?

The Contract Review Form records those at the department and college level who have reviewed the contract and agree to the terms of the contract. It is also used to record reviews completed by Risk Management, Legal and other offices as deemed necessary by Purchasing and Contract Services.

How can I speed up the contract review and signature process?

You can speed up the contract review and signature process by paying attention to detail. Most contracts are delayed in the review and signature process because details have been overlooked. For example, the contract is missing information or a Contract Review Form has not been completed. We also recommend that you work with other offices (Risk Management, Information Security, etc.) early on in the contract preparation process.