Contract Form

University Contracts

The USU General Contract for Goods and Services form must be used in conjunction with a Requisition/Purchase Order if:

An individual or company provides consulting services, programming or other work that needs to be outlined, described or scheduled, and have milestones attached to make sure that the work is being completed on schedule and to the stated requirements of any applicable Bid, or if a Statement of Work and/or Payment schedule is used, or;

An RFP is used, or;

The Purchase Order is for complex installations, testing, etc., or;

The proposed service/work involves a potential risk to either personnel or property, whether on or off of University property.

The contract form is not necessary when you are ordering normal, off-the-shelf items or any goods and/or services covered by existing University or State Contracts.

By State of Utah law and University policy, Purchasing Services must sign all USU contractual agreements in order for those contracts to be considered valid and legal. Please contact the buyer with the commodity assignment under which your proposed transaction falls for assistance concerning the use of this form. 
please remember, if you sign a contract for the University, you do so without authorization and may be held personally responsible for any costs and obligations outlined by that contract. 

Make copies of the contract form and attachments as needed, and submit the completed form with your requisition to Purchasing Services prior to any transaction taking place. 
To print the University General Contract form, click on the link listed below.