Before & After Trip Guidelines

Before The Trip

Prepare Travel Authorization (TA)

Travel Authorizations are created and approved through ServiceNow. For more information on how to use the ServiceNow travel system, please see our training videos. A link to these trainings is available below.

TA Training

All Card/Travel P-Card

The All Card is a personal credit card that can be used for all University expenditures, including University travel. A Travel Card is a card that is strictly used for University travel. All Travel Policies and Procedures will still be in place.


Complete either an All Card or Travel Card application and the corresponding training. You will receive a call or an e-mail when your card has arrived. The cardholder is required to present photo ID when picking up their Travel or All Card.


An employee must be a "benefit-eligible" employee to apply for a University credit card and the application must be signed by the applicant and supervisor.


All EZ-Buy Travel Related Expenses must reference a TA#.

The EZ-Buy Travel Related Direct Pay form may be used for the following situations:

  • To pay vendors directly for travel related expenses.
  • Unanticipated reimbursements for a traveler listed as “others in party” on the TA.
  • Money wires for reimbursements or vendor payments.
    • Complete a TA in Service Now Travel
    • Complete an EZ-Buy Direct Payment Travel Related Expense form including all wire information.

Visit our Purchasing page to Access EZ-Buy.

Travel Cash Advance

All Travel Cash Advances should be reconciled within 30 days of the traveler's return date. If within 60 days the Travel Cash Advance is not reconciled the cost of the entire trip may become taxable income to the traveler.

Applicable Circumstances

  1. Individual student(s) who are traveling on University related business.
  2. Group travel involving students.
  3. International travel

Student Group Travel Information

  1. The advance will be issued to the faculty or staff member that has been designated responsible for the group.
    1. If the Faculty Member or Staff is not traveling with the group, the advance will be issued to the student leader. However, the responsible staff/faculty member needs to be listed in the comments section on the Travel Authorization (TA).
  2. The names of all students in the group must be included on the TA.

International Travel Insurance

USU International travelers are required to purchase SOS Insurance. International Travel includes any travel outside of the United States and its territories. For more information please visit Risk Management.

Fill out or maintain SOS Insurance Profile.

Cost for SOS Insurance:

  • Student Travel: $3.00 per day
  • Student Spouse/Dependent Travel: $5.00 per day
  • Faculty/Staff Travel:
    • 1-15 days: $75.00 per trip
    • 16-45 days: $150.00 per trip
    • 46-89 days: $300.00 per trip
    • 90-180 days: $400.00 per trip
    • 181-365 days: $500.00 per trip
  • Faculty/Staff Spouse/Dependent Travel: $5.00 per day

Christopherson Business Travel Airfare

Christopherson BusinessTravel is the State Contracted Travel Agency.

Call 1-800-367-3230 for assistance with booking your next business flight.

Rental Cars

Rented Automobile Coverage

The State of Utah periodically contracts with certain car rental agencies to provide cars at rates that include liability coverage for damage to rented vehicles as well as damages and injuries of third parties.

These negotiated coverages are not in force unless the Contract Number is identified and the pre-negotiated rates are paid. Payment of discount or special rates nullifies the insurance coverage contract.

To assure that this coverage is in effect, the applicable state contract numbers must be identified to the rental agency at the time the rental agreement is initiated and the negotiated contract rates must be applied. Payment of any daily rate other than the negotiated contract rate nullifies the liability coverage.

There is a $10,000 deductible in liability coverage for use of any non-contracted rental agency's vehicle.

Company Contract #
Enterprise XZ47427
National XZ47427
Hertz 071982


Direct Billing

Direct Billing is only applicable for Enterprise and National. To schedule a reservation, please provide the following information:

  • Traveler’s name
  • Traveler’s cell phone number
  • Pick-up location, date, and time
  • Return location, date, and time
  • Type/class of vehicle
  • TA# and Index #

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding Direct Billing to Elizabeth Monaco at

Motor Pool

Visit for current information on USU's motorpool.

Fly America Guidance

A person traveling on funds provided by the federal government must use a U.S. flag carrier (an airline owned by an American company), regardless of cost or convenience. Read more on the Fly America Guidance page.

After The Trip

Travel Reimbursement (TR)

Travel Reimbursement requests are created and approved through ServiceNow, and are tied in to your initial Travel Authorization request. For more information on how to use the ServiceNow travel system, please see our training videos. A link to these trainings is available below.

TR Training

International Travel

Currency Conversion Rates

When converting currency, be sure to match the date on receipt to the conversion date on website.

International Per Diem

Utah State only uses the M&IE Rate which includes Meals and Incidentals.

View the U.S. Department of State's Foreign Per Diem Rates.