Advanced Practice in Dietetics - PBACC

College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences

About This Certificate

The Certificate of Advanced Practice in Dietetics prepares people to become Registered Dietitian Nutritionists by providing course work in addition to 1,000 hours of supervised practice in the field of Dietetics.

The supervised practice is designed to provide students with real-world experiences that will help them to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to the context of a variety of work settings in the field of dietetics, including clinical practice.

What You Will Learn

Students learn knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the national registration exam for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and to effectively function in entry-level dietetics practice.

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

  • Perform medical nutrition therapy as part of the health care team in hospitals, clinical or other health care facilities
  • Manage food service operations in hospitals, school districts, and other facilities
  • Develop nutrition-related public awareness campaigns in community settings and food and nutrition-related businesses and industries
  • Help athletes and others understand the connection between food, fitness, and human performance



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