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About This Certificate

The Utah State University (USU) Anthropology program offers multiple pathways of post-graduate instruction in archaeology.

Our post-graduate degrees cater to students with diverse circumstances and career goals. Our seven degree programs motivate students to gain the skills necessary for advancement in cultural resource management (CRM), museum administration, and/or academic research. Our degree programs are modular, allowing students to tailor their educational experience closely to their needs and goals.

The Museum Administration and Collections Management Certificate prepares students to grow and strengthen a museum, build robust and ethical collections, and collaborate with multiple publics.

What You Will Learn

The Graduate Certificate in Museum Administration and Collections Management Policy is designed to prepare both fully matriculated graduate students as well as current professionals in the field wishing to enhance their portfolios in Museum Administration and Collections Management.

The certificate combines graduate level anthropology courses as well as courses offered from the School of Business and the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences. This certificate may be earned as a stand-alone certification or as part of the master’s or Phd degrees offered by the USU Anthropology Graduate Program.

This 18 credit hour certificate will focus on three core sets of skills: (1) Leadership in museum development, (2 )gowing and maintaining collections, and (3) collaborating with diverse people and organizations.

Career And Outcomes

Career Opportunities

  • Museum Administrator
  • Museum Curator
  • Cultural Resource Management

Job Outlook



David Byers

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director
Office: MAIN 245C
Phone: (435) 797-1178

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