Post Docs

Name Department Position Email Research Interests
Jaron Adkins Watershed Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher Ecosystem ecology, soil microbial communities and ecosystem functions
Loreto Martinez-Baroja Wildland Resources Postdoctoral Researcher Plant-animal and plant-plant interactions, restoration ecology, seed dispersal via animals
Adrienne Ernst Watershed Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher Plant community ecology, restoration ecology and invasion biology
Matteo Petit Bon Wildland Resources Postdoctoral Researcher Plant and ecosystem ecology, plant community structural and functional responses, ecoystem changes in carbon and nutrient dynamics
Jerry Schneider Biology Postdoctoral Researcher Plant-animal interactions, seed dispersal, chemical ecology, metabolomics
Juanma Olalla-Gonzales Watershed Sciences Postdoctoral Researcher Dust deposition impacts on metabolism and composition of primary producers in lake samples and phytoplankton cultures, modeling
Ernane Vieira-Neto Biology Postdoctoral Researcher Population ecology, pest management, plant-animal interactions, road ecology, environmental and climate changes, species distributions, landscape ecology
Michael Stemkovski Wildland Resources Postdoctoral Researcher

Ecological acclimation to climate change, ecosystem ecology, theoretical ecology, paleoecology, pollination interactions, phenology

Farah Nusrat Biology Postdoctoral Researcher

Climate-water-health nexus, hydrology, GIS & remote sensing