At Utah State University, a first-generation college student is anyone whose parents and/or guardians have NOT yet completed college OR anyone whose parents and/or guardians have NOT yet graduated with a 4-year, bachelors degree in the U.S.


Discover The Potential Within

Founded in 2016 by a student and director who saw the potential within our first-generation students. Aggie First Scholar's mission is to provide a framework to develop and discover the potential within, while celebrating the success of our first-generation college students at USU. With the vision that every first-generation Aggie student graduates and excels beyond their four years at USU. Offering opportunities to earn college credit in scholarship and leadership, we extend a warm invitation to our Aggie First Scholars to join us in our program curriculum. This curriculum encompasses:

USU 1050: Habits of Mind for First-Generation Students:

  1. Identify and build a community of first-gen college peers at USU
  2. Identify and reflect on the foundational principles of "Becoming a Learner"
  3. Interview and discuss the best "how to's" of college with First Scholars Faculty, Staff, and Peer Mentors

USU 1150: Applied Leadership for First-Generation students

  1. Explain the theory and principles of mentorship
  2. Evaluate the theory, skills, and application learned through completing assessment tools that they use for scholarship, internship, and job applications
  3. Critically examine their mentoring plan to integrate personalized communication and engagement for those they will lead

Each Aggie First Scholar who engages in our program curriculum can earn 2-credits, are eligible for AFS specific scholarships, and have an 80-90% student on-campus job and leadership placement experience.To learn more about Aggie First Scholars or to request a classroom/organization presentation please email:

Engagement Pathway
At Utah State University, by being a first-generation student you are automatically supported and celebrated as an Aggie First Scholar. Resources available to you on this pathway include: Peer Mentorship, Social Events, and AFS First Friday Forum development days.

Scholar Pathway
The Scholar Pathway develops and prepares first-generation students as leaders beyond their 4-years at Utah State Univeristy. As an Aggie First Scholar on the Scholar Pathway, you will be strategically positioned to pursue leadership and internship opportunities. Your coursework includes USU 1050: Habits of Mind First-Generation Students, USU 1150: Applied Leadership for First-Generation Students, USU 2400: Finding & Preparing for Internships & Experiential Learning, and  recieve internship credit in USU 2250 Introductory Internship. Resources available to you on this pathway include: All Engagement Pathway Resources, plus Networking, Faculty Mentorship, Internship Credit, Scholarship and On-Campus Employment Opportunities. Now accepting applications for the incoming 2024 Freshmen and Sophomore class. 

Leadership Pathway
First-generation students who have completed USU 1050: Habits of Mind for First-Generation Students or USU 1150: Applied Leadership for First-Generation students are elligible for the Leadership Pathway.

The AFS Leadership Pathway offers competitive compensation for on-campus positions. This pathway comprises four integral roles: student coordinator, marketing coordinator, team lead, and peer mentor. The team leads, student coordinator, and marketing coordinator meet weekly with the program coordinator to strategize and plan. The team leads maintain weekly interactions with their assigned peer mentors, while the peer mentors connect with their mentees at least once during the period. In addition, these roles collaborate with the Aggie First Scholar faculty and staff committee for university wide initiatives. Resources available to you on this pathway includeThe Engagement Pathway and Scholar Pathway, plus Faculty Letter of Recommendation, Hourly Wage, LinkedIn Endorsement, and, Peer Educator Certification.