Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee

Faculty Senate

About the Committee

The Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, as represented by each of its hearing panels is an administrative hearing body, with jurisdiction in matters related to academic freedom, tenure, promotion, dismissals, and other sanctions; and actions alleged not to be in accordance with the adopted standards, policies, and procedures of the University.

  1. In relation to these matters, the committee may hear both complaints initiated by the University against a faculty member and grievance petitions brought by a faculty member.
  2. Procedural due process. Hearing panels of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee shall, when hearing grievances, determine whether procedural due process was granted the petitioner as provided in this policy and determine whether the grievance is valid or not valid (see Policy 407.6.6(8)). The recommendation of the hearing panel shall be binding on the general membership of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee.
  3. Policy revisions. The Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee shall recommend to the Professional Responsibilities and Procedures Committee possible policy revisions arising from within the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee's jurisdiction.
  4. Review. The Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee will review, for consideration by the Senate, all matters pertaining to faculty rights, academic freedom, and tenure. (Policy 402.12.3).

Prehearing Conference Form
Grievance Statement Filing Form
Guidelines for Grievances

2022-2023 Membership

  • Agriculture and Applied SciencesMatt Bunnell
  • Arts – Maureen Hearns
  • Business – Kelly Fadel
  • Education and Human Services – David Feldon
  • Engineering – Angela Minichiello
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Anna Pechenkina
  • Natural Resources – Doug Ramsey (Chair)
  • Science – Joe Koebbe
  • Libraries – Carol Kochan
  • Extension – Michael Caron
  • Statewide Campuses – Scott Hammond
  • USU Eastern – Michaelann Nelson
  • Senate – Maureen Hearns
  • Senate – David Feldon
  • Senate – Carol Kochan