Annual Compliance Training

Utah State University is required to provide annual compliance training to employees depending on the employee’s specific position. This is to ensure both you and your employees know how to handle certain matters correctly.

Beginning in FY22, Utah State University will implement a new process to facilitate the completion of required annual compliance training. Historically, these trainings were due on an employee’s hire date, now there will be a single annual cycle for all USU employees.

The Office of Human Resources will facilitate the annual enrollment of faculty and staff in their unique compliance training requirements through the employee Institutional Learning System (ILS) in July of each year. This year, employees will have until October 31 to complete the required compliance trainings. Employees will receive an email that provides instructions on how to sign into the ILS and complete the trainings.

ILS Sign In

List of Required Trainings

FERPA | All employees

Cash and Credit Card Handling | All employees (this training has eligibility questions to determine which employees need to take the full course)

Defensive Driving Training | All benefitted employees

IT Security | All employees

Respectful Workplace | All employees

Cardholder Training | All current cardholders or employees applying for a university card

Campus Security Authority Training | All benefited employees for 2022 compliance and all new employees

Title IX | All employees