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Internal Audit Services is located in Old Main. Staff members report to the chief audit executive of Internal Audit Services, who plans and administers the annual work plan, maintaining a balance between audit, investigative and management advisory services. The chief audit executive reports to the president and the Board of Trustees through the audit committee. Internal Audit Services helps the University accomplish its objectives by evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Internal Audit Services' staff is available Monday - Friday. If calling after hours, please leave a voicemail. The Ethics & Compliance Hotline has been designed to ensure anonymity unless the person chooses to provide his or her name.

Top 10 Internal Controls and Ethics Training

The Board of Trustees audit committee has requested Internal Audit Services provide control awareness training to USU employees.

The presentation discusses each employee's responsibility for internal control. Internal control is not just a financial concern; it relates to anything that might prevent achievement of individual job objectives and University mission and goals.