Challenging Inequality

Through Intersectional Research and Teaching

Student Presenters

We offer three academic programs for undergraduate students: Minor in Intersectional Gender Studies, Minor in Sexuality Studies, and a Certificate in Inclusive Leadership.

Student panel discussion
Graduate Students

We invite graduate students in any college or department to participate in our research clusters. We also provide travel grants for students to present research at conferences.

Professor giving lecture

We offer year-long research and teaching fellowships for faculty members who are engaged in research or teaching that is related to the Center's mission.



Coined in 1989 by professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, the term intersectionality helped highlight the ways in which people are often disadvantaged by multiple sources of oppression: their race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, and other identity markers. 

In this moving TED talk, Crenshaw calls on us to bear witness to this reality and speak up for victims of prejudice.


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