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The Center for Intersectional Gender Studies and Research builds on the long and successful history of women and gender programs at USU. In addition to providing pathways that bring women and members of other historically marginalized groups into full and equal participation in the humanities and sciences, we aim to: 

  • Support intersectional & interdisciplinary research by faculty and students across all USU's campuses.
  • Provide outstanding intersectional & interdisciplinary instruction to students across USU’s campuses.
  • Foster a climate that promotes equality and inclusion for all faculty, students and staff across USU's campuses.

We provide a broad range of support to faculty and students who are interested in issues of gender and intersectionality, especially as they relate to our research clusters: (1) race, ethnicity and Indigenous studies, (2) sexuality and the body, (3) global and transnational issues, and (4) science, technology and the environment.