Meet the Faculty

Chris Babitts

Chris Babits

Chris Babits is a temporary assistant professor of U.S. History, History of Sexuality, and History of Psychology and the coordinator of concurrent enrollment for U.S. History. Chris is an interdisciplinary scholar with specializations in the histories of the modern United States, lived religion, gender and sexuality, and psychology. 

His courses include HIST 1700: American History, HIST/IGS 3040: History of Sexuality, HIST 4760: America in the 1960s, HIST 4790: American Religious History, HIST/RELS 4910: Religion and Politics in the Modern U.S., HIST 4990: Undergraduate Research Capstone, PSY 4960: History of Modern Psychology, and PSY 6100: History and Systems of Psychology.

Chris is in the process of completing his first book, titled To Cure a Sinful Nation: A History of Conversion Therapy in the United States. To Cure a Sinful Nation is the first full-length historical investigation of sexual orientation and gender identity change therapies in the U.S. The book begins in the Gilded Age, when doctors at asylums “treated” so-called sexually and gendered deviant patients, and ends with a discussion on efforts to ban conversion therapy today.

Angela Enno

Angela Enno

Angela Enno has taught both Introduction to Feminist Theories as well as Culture & Politics of Motherhood as cross-listed graduate and undergraduate courses for USU since 2016. She previously taught several undergraduate courses in psychology, including Psychological Statistics, Abnormal Psychology, and Educational Psychology for Teachers. Her research has centered on intersectional identity development for BIPOC people.

In August 2021, she will work full time as a psychologist at Counseling and Psychological Services, where she will pursue her passion of providing therapy to college students. She approaches treatment through a multicultural intersectional feminist lens and utilizes mostly Acceptance & Commitment Therapy interventions.

Angela is a first degree descendent of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Tribe of North Dakota and was raised in Salina, Utah.


Cathleen Osborne-Gowey

Cathleen Osborne-Gowey has taught women and gender studies, intersectional gender studies courses, and various anthropology courses for over twelve years at Oregon State University and Utah State University. She currently teaches online sections of IGS 1010 Gender Studies and IGS 3010 Gender & Inclusive Leadership. 

A member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, she co-created and serves as an administrator for the domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy program for her tribe. She is also as a crime victim advocate.

Cat is married with two children, and although she has traveled all over the world, she finds the mountains of Oregon and the Rockies of Colorado to be where she finds solace and peace.


Sarah Timmerman

Sarah Timmerman is an instructor for Intersectional Gender Studies 1010 and the Program Coordinator for the Women and Gender program in the Inclusion Center. She also serves as the advisor for the Disabled and Neurodiverse Aggies. A USU alum, she received her BA in English Creative Writing and Women & Gender Studies, and an MA from the University of Kent, UK.   


In addition to this core faculty, many of our electives are taught by faculty members in other USU departments and colleges. For a complete list of courses, please see the appropriate course catalogue page for our three programs.

Intersectional Gender Studies Minor

Sexuality Studies Minor

Inclusive Leadership Certificate