Tasha Iglesias

Assistant Program Coordinator

Tasha Iglesias

Contact Information

Email: tasha.iglesias@usu.edu


Dr. Tasha Iglesias currently serves as a Lecturer in the School of Education, for the University of California, Riverside, and Southern New Hampshire University. Dr. Iglesias earned a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Ed.D) at California State University Long Beach and teaches in the Education and Social Sciences field. Dr. Iglesias’s dissertation was titled “Each One, Teach One”: The Impact of a Hip Hop Learning Community on the Cultural Wealth of Foster Youth in Higher Education. Dr. Iglesias’s research interests include: Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Hip Hop Pedagogy and Praxis, and the history of Hip Hop as a culture. Dr. Iglesias develops curriculum, trains professors, consults with organizations and educational institutions and presents her research across the world. Outside of academia, Iglesias serves as the President of the Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education (HHAAE) and Chair of the Global Conference on Hip Hop Education.