Internship Application

We connect students with meaningful internships that develop practical skills and complement academic learning. Positions are available locally, across Utah, and nationwide.


Prospective interns must be a student at USU and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA to apply. All majors are welcome.


Most internships are PAID but a few are unpaid. Financial assistance may be available for qualitifed students.

Academic Credit

Students can earn up to 12 academic credits for their internships. Requirements vary depending on each internship's specifics.

To Apply

Step 1: Complete the online application form below. (Be prepared to enter names and email addresses of two people who will send letters of recommendation to IOGP directly.)

Step 2:
Upload a cover letter, resume, and writing sample below. (Combine these documents into a single PDF file. See instructions below.)

Once the online application and uploads are complete, the IOGP office will review applications. Eligible students will then be contacted to interview with IOGP representatives and/or potential employers.

Step 1: Online Application Form

Be sure to include all required fields (marked with *).

Political Affiliation and Districts

Find your Utah House & Utah Senate Districts here by entering your home address. (If you are not from Utah, enter 00 in both fields below.)

Enter your 2-digit district number 01-75. (If not from Utah, enter 00.)
Enter your 2-digit senate district number 01-29. (If not from Utah, enter 00.)
Enter your 2-digit congressional district number for your state.
Language Fluency
Internship Semester
Internship Location Preferences
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Internship Organization Preferences
Washington DCSelect any Washington DC organizations for which you would like to apply.
Salt Lake City and/or Other Utah OrganizationsSelect any Utah or Salt Lake City organizations for which you would like to apply:
Logan & Cache Valley OrganizationsSelect any Logan or Cache Valley organizations for which you would like to apply:
Additional Information for Consideration

Enter the name and email for two people you have spoken to about writing a letter of recommendation for you. When you submit this form, an email will automatically be sent to them with instructions on how to submit their recommendation letter to IOGP directly.

Recommendation letters are due on the following dates:

  • Spring Semester: September 25
  • Summer Semester: January 25
  • Fall Semester: February 25

Waivers & Permissions
*LETTERS: I understand that by submitting this form I am waiving my right to review the letters of recommendation submitted for me.
*RECORDS: I authorize IOGP staff and/or USU staff to review my academic records and personal information in Banner as needed for the application process.
*TRANSCRIPT: I authorize IOGP staff to send my unofficial transcripts with my application to potential internship organizations.
*EMAIL/TEXT: I give permission for IOGP staff and/or USU staff to email, call or text me regarding my internship application, IOGP events/seminars, and any internship-related or IOGP information.
How did you hear about the IOGP Internship Program?
*Check all that apply.

Step 2: Resume, Cover Letter & Writing Sample

Resume and Cover Letter
Applicants must submit a cover letter and a resume as part of their application. Students are encouraged to visit the USU Career Design Center for assistance in preparing a resume and cover letter before applying.

Writing Sample
Applicants are required to submit an academic or professional writing sample as part of their application. This sample can be something already written for a class and can be on any professional topic.

One PDF file
You must combine your letter, resume and writing sample into a single PDF. Save your combined PDF file as Lastname_Firstname_Application.pdf and upload it by clicking the link below.


By applying for an internship through the IOGP, you grant IOGP representatives access to review your student profile and personal information in Banner, which is required as part of your application. This may include:

  • Educational class, status & GPA
  • Major, minor, and overall hours completed
  • Primary USU location (main Logan campus or regional campus)
  • Ethnicity, race, citizenship, and residency
  • Current address & permanent address
  • Phone number & birthdate
  • Emergency contact name(s), phone and email

Please go to your student profile in Banner to ensure your information is accurate.

You also agree that IOGP staff may download your unofficial transcript and send it with your application to the various internship organizations you are applying to.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the IOGP office by phone at 435-797-9618 or by email to