Frequently Asked Questions

For more information email or call (435) 797-9618.

How do I apply?

Applications are completed online at  Step 1: Ask two people who know you well if they will write you a letter of recommendation. Get their name and email address to enter into the online form. They will receive an email with instructions to submit your letter directly to IOGP. (Preferrably professors or supervisors.) Step 2: Complete the online form. Step 3: Upload a resume, cover letter and writing sample. Prior to applying, students are encouraged to visit with IOGP staff to discuss internship options that best meet their needs and interests.  

Am I eligible to apply for an IOGP internship?

Students from all majors with a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA are eligible. Freshmen are encouraged to wait until they are sophomores or juniors to apply.  Most positions require interns who are currently enrolled as students, but some will accept recent graduates.

What additional documents do I need to turn in with my application?

You will be required to submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample, along with names and email addresses of two academic recommenders (usually professors). For help with resume's and cover letters, students are encouraged to visit with the advisors in the USU Career Design Center. 

Where do I live during my internship?

Interns are responsible for finding their own housing. Interns in Washington, D.C. have the option of living in specific apartments subsidized by USU. Apartments are fully furnished and shared with other students. 

Interns in other areas (state or local) are typically responsible for their own individual housing arrangements. The most common arrangements include leasing apartments for the duration of the internship, commuting and/or staying with family/friends.

What is the best way to pay for my internship?

We encourage applicants to seek out scholarships offered through their departments and colleges to help cover travel expenses.  Financial assistance may be available for qualified students.

Can I earn credit for my internship?

Yes! Students can earn up to 12 academic credits for most internships. Up to 9 graded credits are available for 1) submitting assigned writing assignments, 2) writing a final paper, and 3) successfully completing the internship. For the Utah Legislature and Washington DC internships, 3 pass/fail credits are also available for attending a series of six seminars during the internship and writing a summary of each.

How much am I paid as an intern?

That depends on the internship. Most legislative and congressional internships are paid. Some highly desirable and competitive internships are unnpaid. If you receive and accept an unpaid internship, you may be eligible for housing and/or travel scholarships through the IOGP.   

Which writing sample should I submit?

The good news is that you do not need to write a new piece for your writing sample submission. Simply submit a copy of a paper, article, or review you have written for a class. The subject matter is insignificant. It should, however, demonstrate your skills as a writer. Writing samples are limited to 3-4 pages.  If you need help or assistance with a writing sample, we encourage you to visit USU's Writing Center. 

Do I have to be a political science major?

 No! Internships are available for students in all majors. We have opportunities in many different fields not exclusive to politics or policy.

Where is the IOGP located?

The IOGP is located on the second floor in the David B. Haight Center on the Logan USU Campus. Enter through doors on the west side which faces Old Main Hill.