Utah Consular Corps

Spring, Summer, Fall


Founded in 2001, the Utah Consular Corps is a professional organization of career or honorary Consuls General, Consuls, or Vice Consuls. They are members of a country's foreign service or are local residents that have been appointed by a forgeign government to perfom consular duties. These representatives are appointed by the Heads of State of their respective countries and are duly accredited by the United States Department of State. This accreditation allows them to act in their official capacities within the United States. 

The intern's primary job will be to aid the Consulate and the Honorary Consuls in meeting the needs of the Consular Corps in the State of Utah, as well as promoting commerce, education, culture, and government relations between Utah and representated countries. 

Duration: 15 weeks minimum, usually 16 weeks. Spring, Summer, or Fall available. For working hours, it is about 10 hours a week. Working hours are flexible during M-F regular business hours. 

Paid, or Unpaid depending on funds allocated. For summer 2020, this internship is paid in a $500 scholarship. Academic credits are also available for this internship, along with a certificate of completion. 

Duties Include

  • Answering questions over the phone and email and setting up appointments
  • Processing documentation for the UCC, including correspondence on behalf of the Executive Committee of the UCC
  • Conducting research and preparing presentations about UCC-related issues
  • Overseeing the maintenance of the UCC website and social media
  • Assisting in the organization of educational, cultural, and business events for the community
  • Accompanying members of the UCC Executive Committee and/or Consuls to events and consular activities



  • Application Process

    Students may start the application process completing the IOGP application.