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To be eligible for scholarships, insurance, and academic credit, all of the following internships must be approved by and applied directly through the IOGP. Please contact the IOGP for more information.

National Internship Information


There are many benefits associated with an IOGP internship. Students develop skills that set them apart and prepare them for a career. Many IOGP internships provide unique opportunities for students to participate in the political process, and gain a deeper understanding and respect for government institutions. Interns often make valuable connections that help them discover a full-time career.

All Disciplines

Though many of the opportunities available through the IOGP have a political science focus, the institute provides internship opportunities in all disciplines for all majors

Requirements & Eligibility

Students must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA to apply. Preference is given to juniors and seniors.

Academic Credit

Students can earn up to 12 academic credits for their internships. Up to nine graded credits are available for completing the internship, writing a research paper, and creating a portfolio of work completed during the internship. Three pass/fail credits are available for attending a series of six seminars during the internship and writing a summary of each.

Seminar Series

Interns in Washington D.C. can participate in a seminar series featuring USU alumni and political figures. Interns receive valuable mentoring from influential leaders in Washington D.C. Students are able to ask questions to learn about each leader's experience and path to success. 


Some national internships are paid, some have a stipend associated, and some are unpaid. There are oftentimes scholarships and financial aid available for students to fund their internship experience through a student's department. Many of the financial obligations a student has will be based on the internship they are offered and accept. 


Students have the option of living in USU’s subsidized and fully furnished student housing at Crystal Plaza in Crystal City, VA. The apartments are next to the Crystal City metro stop and only 20 minutes from Capitol Hill. For further information or to check for availability contact Lisa Anderson by email to or call (435) 797-9618. 

Housing is $3000 per semester. Interns must pay for the full semester regardless of if they plan to live there for the duration of the semester or only part of it. Interns can pay up front or on a month-to-month basis. Flexible payment plans are available upon request. The IOGP offers some housing scholarships, with preference given to those with unpaid internships. Prospective interns can reach out to Lisa Anderson by email to or call (435) 797-9618 with questions.

Starting Fall 2018, all housing payments will be processed through USU students' banner accounts. To pay for housing or check your balance, visit your banner account.

Available Opportunities

The institute places students in all kinds of internships based on their interests. Opportunities include working in the offices of congressman and senators, executive agencies, non-profits, lobbying firms, and private sector jobs.


Students are responsible for all travel expenses. They are encouraged to seek out funding through their departments to help cover expenses. For possible travel scholarships visit the IOGP office or contact

Note: For students who are staying at Crystal Plaza (the USU subsidized student housing in Virginia), the closest airport to the apartments is Reagan National Airport. Crystal Plaza is one metro stop away from Reagan. Students may also fly into Dulles International Airport, bus to the metro, and use the metro to get to Crystal Plaza.


My favorite part of the internship was the amount of responsibility, trust and freedom that my bosses had placed in me. In other words, I felt like I was given meaningful work that moved the committee forward smoothly.

Reese Empey, Intern for House Natural Resources Committee

reese empey

The highlight of my internship has been witnessing history. From John Boehner resigning as speaker, to the Pope visiting DC, to another possible government shutdown, something exciting happens every day. I wouldn't trade my first-hand account of today's history for anything.

Rachel Evans, Intern for Senator Hatch

rachel evans

I conducted significant research on a policy area that I did not know much about with the purpose of finding out if we should or should not support a bill in this area. After completing the research, I came to the conclusion that it would not be a good idea to support this bill. I presented my findings and my opinion to the staff member responsible who then decided to heed my advice. Being able to be involved in the process so intimately was a special opportunity and was the highlight of this internship so far.

Matthew Clewett

matthew clewett

I love that I get to be so involved in the everyday work my firm does and participate in meetings like I was a full time employee... I really feel like I am developing an understanding of how the work I'm doing relates to events happening on Capitol Hill.

Melissa Funk, Intern at The Larrison Group

melissa funk

It has been such a wonderful, on your feet experience. I will miss daily crossing paths with the Congressmen and women, rubbing shoulders with our country’s top legislative minds, and being in the center of the action. It is an exciting time in our country’s history.

Jeremy Egan

jeremy egan

I would encourage anyone considering this type of internship to do it! You will not regret the experience (even if you have to put school on hold for a semester). I have learned so much about our government and the role it plays in society and the economy and perhaps, more importantly, I have learned a lot about myself.

Tyler Nielson

tyler nielsen


Applications & Deadlines

  • All internships provided through the IOGP must be applied for using the IOGP application. Applications are completed online. The Institute takes applications on a rolling basis, but general deadlines for spring, summer, and fall internships are outlined below.

    • Spring 2024: September 25
    • Summer 2024: January 25
    • Fall 2024: February 25th

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For more information or questions:

*Contact the IOGP Intern Coordinator at or 435-797-9618.

*Visit us in person at the USU David B. Haight Center, second floor.