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Welcome back to Lyric Rep for the 2021 season!

The Mountaintop

by Katori Hall

Staged Reading


June 16, June 26
July 1, July 9, July 17

The Mountaintop is a gripping two-person drama about the last day of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. King is alone in his hotel room when he is joined by Camae, a maid who works for the Lorraine Motel. What follows is a reflective, often funny, often touching conversation in which Dr. King examines his achievements, his failures, and his unfinished dreams.

Dreaming American is the immigration story of an Egyptian man pushed by his older brother to go to America and live “the Dream.” Upon his arrival, he experiences the freedom of liberties and the isolation of prejudices. At its core, Dreaming American shows the flip-side of America’s shiny surface by examining the question: why can’t money buy happiness? This is a world premiere staged reading.

Dreaming American

by Paul T. Mitri

World Premiere

Staged Reading


June 17, June 26
July 7, July 10, July 16

The Thanksgiving Play

by Larissa FastHorse

Regional Premiere

Staged Reading


June 18, June 24, June 30
July 10, July 17

The Thanksgiving Play tells the story of four woke theatre makers who want to create a politically correct Thanksgiving play that is historically accurate, avoids all possible stereotypes, and doesn’t offend anyone. This wickedly hilarious satire of the traditional “Thanksgiving story” will be directed by our inaugural Emerging Director, Summer Session.

These new plays, presented downtown at the Caine Lyric Theatre, are in process, and we invite our audience members to interact with the creators by providing feedback and suggestions during post-show talkbacks. Join us on this journey as we develop a unique theatre experience for our Lyric Rep patrons and company members.

interACT [X2]

A Celebration of Works in Process


June 19, June 23
July 8, July 14

All the Way

by Robert Schenkkan

Regional Premiere

Live Showing of a Digital Recording


June 19, June 25
July 6, July 13, July 15

In 2019, the Lyric Rep brought you The Great Society which chronicled the second term of President Lyndon B. Johnson. This summer, we’ve invited the cast and director of The Great Society to return and present the prequel, All the Way, which depicts LBJ’s first term in office as he works to establish the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This regional premiere will feature a live showing of a digital recording.

This one-night-only concert (live showing of a pre-recorded concert), named after the Lyric Rep’s founder and first artistic director, was created to celebrate our patrons, feature the talents of our company, and raise awareness and money for the Lyric Repertory Company Endowment Fund. This family-friendly one-night only event is not to be missed.

3rd Annual Vosco Call Spotlight Concert

hosted by Richie Call & Jason Spelbring

Live Showing of a Pre-recorded Concert


June 29