USU 1320: History and Civilization
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A Guide To Writing in History and Classics
Index of Chapters
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Index of Chapters

Here is a breakdown of the chapters we will cover in USU 1320. Each section is a clickable and links to the chapter cited. The audio links below direct you to an mp3 audio version of the chapter. The audio/powerpoint links direct you to an mp4 audio version of the chapter with powerpoints attached.

PART 1: Documentary Evidence, or What Has Survived (and What Does It Mean?)
  SECTION 1: History and What-Really-Happened (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 2: Herodotus and the Persian Wars (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 3: History and Literature: Ancient Epic, Homer and Vergil (audio) (audio/powerpoint)

PART 2: Physical Evidence and History
  SECTION 4: Archaeology: Schliemann and Troy (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 5: Architecture: Culture and Space (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 6: Man and Disease: The Black Death (audio) (audio/powerpoint)

PART 3: History and Society
  SECTION 7: The Indo-Europeans and Historical Linguistics (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 8: The Fall of Rome: Facts and Fictions (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 9: Women and Historical Biography (audio) (audio/powerpoint)

PART 4: History and Religion (Before Christ)
  SECTION 10: Akhenaten and Monotheism (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 11: The Old Testament and Its Authors (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 12: Roman Cults and Worship (audio) (audio/powerpoint)

PART 5: History and Religion (After Christ)
  SECTION 13: Early Christianity and the Church (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 14: The Nature and Triumph of Islam (audio) (audio/powerpoint)
  SECTION 15: The Crusades and Medieval Christianity (audio) (audio/powerpoint)

BONUS CHAPTERS: History and Writing (see Bonus Assessment)
  SECTION 16: Tokens
  SECTION 17: The ABG's of History
Index of Chapters
Course Description