Recent Graduate Research

Year Author Title
2021 Jadon S. Wagstaff Regionalized Models with Spatially Continuous Predictions at the Borders
2021 Ting-Yao Lee Studies of Classical Analysis after Whittaker and Watson
2020 Jared E. Hansen Applications of Machine Learning in High-Frequency Trade Direction Classification
2020 Mychelle Parker Semisimple Subalgebras of Semisimple Lie Algebras
2020 Braden D. Probst 'LMshapemaker': Utilizing the 'Rmapshaper' R Package to Modify Shapefiles for Use in Linked Micromap Plots
2020 Melissa Pulley The Marshmallow Lab: A Project-Based Approach to Understanding Functional Responses
2019 Brennan L. Bean Interval-Valued Kriging Models with Applications in Design Ground Snow Load Prediction
2019 Eden Furtak-Cole and Aleksey S. Telyakovskiy; Fluids A 3D Numerical Study of Interface Effects Influencing Viscous Gravity Currents in a Parabolic Fissure, with Implications for Modeling with 1D Nonlinear Diffusion Equations
2019 Jill F. Lundell Tuning Hyperparameters in Supervised Learning Models and Applications of Statistical Learning in Genome-Wide Association Studies with Emphasis on Heritability
2019 Eric McKinney, Minwoo Chang, Marc Maguire, and Yan Sun; International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials Prediction of Stress Increase at Ultimate in Unbonded Tendons Using Sparse Principal Component Analysis
2019 Kaitlin S. Murphy On Fractional Realizations of Tournament Score Sequences
2019 Brian Plucinski Feasibility of Multi-Year Forecast for the Colorado River Water Supply: Time Series Modeling
2019 Samuel David Schwartz Machine Learning Techniques as Applied to Discrete and Combinatorial Structures
2019 Brinley Zabriskie Methods for Meta–Analyses of Rare Events, Sparse Data, and Heterogeneity
2018 Christopher Beckett Rfviz: An Interactive Visualization Package for Random Forests in R
2018 Lacy Christensen Implementing the Use of Personal Activity Data in an Introductory Statistics Course
2018 James A. Farrugia Brun's 1920 Theorem on Goldbach's Conjecture
2018 Eden Furtak-Cole Three Environmental Fluid Dynamics Papers
2018 Devin W. Goodsman, Guenchik Grosklos, Brian H. Aukema, Caroline Whitehouse, Katherine P. Bleiker, Nate G. McDowell, Richard S. Middleton, and Chonggang Xu; Global Change Biology The Effect of Warmer Winters on the Demography of an Outbreak Insect Is Hidden by Intraspecific Competition
2018 Nicholas Graner Canonical Coordinates on Lie Groups and the Baker Campbell Hausdorff Formula
2018 Elise Griffin and Andreas Malmendier; Communications in Number Theory and Physics Jacobian Elliptic Kummer Surfaces and Special Function Identities
2018 Scott G. Jordan Modeling the Spread of Alfalfa Stem Nematodes: Insights into their Dynamics and Control
2018 Jacob Kullberg Calculating the Cohomology of a Lie Algebra Using Maple and the Serre Hochschild Spectral Sequence
2018 Richard M. Lambert Comparing Performance of Gene Set Test Methods Using Biologically Relevant Simulated Data
2018 Abibat Adebisi Lasisi Multi-Resolution Analysis Using Wavelet Basis Conditioned on Homogenization
2018 Lauren Holt Lenz Statistical Methods to Account for Gene-Level Covariates in Normalization of High-Dimensional Read-Count Data
2018 Randall D. Reese Feature Screening of Ultrahigh Dimensional Feature Spaces With Applications in Interaction Screening
2018 Marcus W. Scott A Series of Papers on Detecting Examinees who Used a Flawed Answer Key
2018 Breckell Soifua A Comparison of R, SAS, and Python Implementations of Random Forests
2018 Andrew B. Whetten Surviving a Civil War: Expanding the Scope of Survival Analysis in Political Science