2023 Bennion Teachers' Workshop Course Requirements

Course will be offered for variable credits. You can decide to enroll for 1, 2, or 3 credits or equivalent (1.5, 3, or 4.5) contuining education units. Coursework requirements will be based on number of credits chosen at registration.

Course Offerings

USU Academic Credit (1 - 3 credits)

Course will be cross-listed for Summer 2021 semester as:

  • ENGL 6920
  • HIST 6880
  • TEAL 5560
  • HIST 4880

Cost: Full tuition and fees for credits at Utah State University (see 2022-23 tuition and fee schedule for reference).

Application to the workshop is required to register for this course.

Continuing Education Units (1.5 - 4.5)

Course will be cross-listed for CEUs as:

  • CEEG 6920
  • CEHI 6880
  • CETE 5560
  • CEHI 4880

Cost: $45 - 135 (recording fee of $30 per CEU*)

Application to the workshop is required to register for this course.

*CEUs may be converted to academic credit at a later date in accordance with USU Policy.


Course Requirements

The course requirements for each credit hour will vary, commensurate with the credit hour, but the minimum participation (1 credit or 1.5 CEUs) for all attendees will include:

  • Complete assigned pre-reading
  • Attend all workshop sessions (with exceptions granted for illness, personal or family emergencies, etc.)
  • Actively participate in group project
  • Submit required work during the week
  • Final project 

In addition to the above, participants enrolling for 2 or 3 academic credits (3 or 4.5 CEUs), a final project commensurate with credit hours will be assigned and due within two weeks after the program. Additional details for assignments will be provided in the course syllabus and discussed during the workshop.