Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We seek perfection on a daily basis with each customer. We continue to improve in every facet of our business as we become a trusted, preeminent provider of parking and transportation services, in support of the academic and cultural mission of Utah State University.

Our Mission

Parking and Transportation Services will make a positive difference in the lives of Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors to Utah State University through exceptional service. We pledge to treat people with respect and to be courteous while meeting the parking and transportation needs of all campus entities. We are a principle based, self funded auxiliary that is focused on customer driven solution, innovation, long term planning and sound use of resources.

Our Governing Values & Principles

Each employee is empowered to meet the needs and wants of our customers. Each employee is valued as a partner working to provide the best possible service to our customers. We understand that the customer is most important person in our business.

We will serve for the greater good of Utah State University, having a broad view of how our actions affect the lives of our customers. We will not overlook the smallest of details in an effort to increase value to our customers.

We will be open to change and the possibilities/opportunities that come with change.

We recognize our weakness, both as individuals and as a department and continue to look for opportunities for growth and improvement.

We are developing and constantly striving to maintain an attitude of gratitude in all areas of our business.

Parking Advisory Committee

The role of the Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee is to formulate recommendations regarding parking policies. All recommendations are subject to adoption by the Administration. The committee membership represents faculty, staff and students.

Parking Committee Information

Download 2022 Parking Committee Presentation
Parking Committee Resolution 22-01