Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking Permits

Staff and students parking on the USU campus with a state accessible parking placard or accessible parking license plate must also purchase a USU ADA parking permit. These parking permits are required 24 hours a day in the designated accessible parking spaces. USU Parking permits are available at the Parking Office, 840 East 1250 North, Logan Utah. All state accessible parking placards are honored at Utah State University; however, an accessible parking placard must be issued by the same state in which the vehicle is registered, unless the placard is issued by the state of Utah.

To be valid, both the USU permit and the placard must be displayed on the rear view mirror. If a accessible parking license plate is used, the USU permit must be displayed on the rear view mirror.

Once you have obtained your USU parking permit, you may park in any designated accessible parking space on campus. If designated accessible parking spaces are all occupied, you may park in any other non-reserved space.

Temporary Medical Permits

USU also issues temporary medical permits to students or staff who have a short-term mobility limitation (i.e. recent surgery, broken leg). The permit allows access to specific parking areas during the individual's class times or work hours.

In order to be issued a temporary medical permit, you must:

  • Have your doctor sign the Medical Permit Eligibility Form that verifies your limitations and the duration that special access is needed
  • Bring the signed form, along with your current class registration if you are a student, to the Parking Office (please allow 24 hours for processing)
  • Purchase a student or staff permit