License Plate Recognition & Virtual Permits

Your License Plate Is Your Permit

License Plate Recognition is a system that allows us to use your license plate as your parking permit. Hangtag permits and dash passes will no longer be required. No more worrying about moving your permit between vehicles. 

Note: It is very important that you verify your USU Parking Portal account for correct permit and vehicle information. See “Linking Vehicles to Parking Permits” for instructions.  

How Does LPR Work?

LPR systems use cameras mounted on vehicles to scan license plates. Once a plate is scanned, the information is sent to a secure database to validate that the vehicle is parked in the right location at the right time. When a scanned plate isn’t associated with a valid permit, enforcement officers investigate and potentially issue a warning or citation. 

Important Information

Multiple Vehicles

Only one vehicle per permit may be parked on campus at a time. If two vehicles associated with the same permit are found on campus at the same time, the second vehicle will receive a warning or citation. Employees and Students living off-campus can have a maximum of 3 vehicles linked to an active permit. Student Residents living on campus can have a maximum of one vehicle per permit.

Parking Enforcement

All Employee and Student vehicles parking on USU campus must have a valid permit. When purchasing a permit, you are responsible for the accuracy of the license plate and vehicle information. Inaccurate information entered in the Parking Portal will result in warnings or citations. Please check carefully before completing your purchase. License plates should face the drive lane to be scanned for compliance. Vehicles from states that don’t require a front license plate should be parked to allow the rear plate to be scanned from the drive lane.

Temporary Plates

Temporary license plates on vehicles need to be registered online and linked to a valid permit before parking on campus. Once a permanent plate is received, it should be added to the permit online and the temporary plate removed from your permit and account profile by emailing with your A number and temporary plate number.

Rental Vehicles

Rental Vehicles need to be registered online and linked to your permit. Once the rental vehicle has been returned, the plate number should be removed from both the permit and your account profile as the vehicle may be rented and parked on campus in the future. Email your A number and rental vehicle license plate number to and we will remove it. 

Hourly Parking

Visitor lots and other short-term, transient parking locations require payment at a paystation or via MobilePay. These systems will all use license plate numbers in the coming months. See our Visitor Parking page for locations and details.

Linking Vehicles to Parking Permits
Students and employees must link vehicles in their parking account to any active permits they currently have or wish to purchase.  You can verify or create these links through your Parking Portal account.

  1. Enter the Parking Portal.
  2. Click on “Permits” on the top banner.
  3. Then click on “View Your Permits”.
  4. Login with your A number and strong password.
  5. Click on “View Your Permits” under PERMITS.
  6. Review all permits with an “Active” or “Issued” status.
  7. If your vehicle does not show up, click on “Add Vehicles to Permit” then “Add a new vehicle”. Enter all vehicle information.
  8. At least one vehicle must be linked to your permit.
  9. If you need to delete a vehicle from your permit, click on the “Delete” button. This will not remove the vehicle from your account, only the permit. You will need to email your vehicle information to the Parking Office to remove a vehicle from your account.

Removing Vehicles
To remove a vehicle from your account or make changes to existing license plates, email USU Parking (