Faculty Appointments

For provost approval, follow these steps for appointments involving tenure-track, term appointment, temporary and visiting positions.


Send Information

The dean or vice president will send the following to Provost Frank Galey with a copy to Andi McCabe:

  • Memo/e-mail stating request to hire candidate. Include: name of candidate; appointment rank; name of person replacing
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Role percentages (for tenure-track or term appointments only)
  • Approved New Position Request or Faculty Search Request for the search tied to this offer

Approval and Offer

Once Provost Galey gives approval to hire, all parties will be notified so a verbal offer can be made.


The college faculty hiring point person will send a draft offer letter and role statement to Andi McCabe for review. Andi will work directly with the point person to ensure the offer letter and role statement are prepared appropriately. Once the documents have been finalized, they can be routed for signatures and sent to the candidate.

Note that dual career assistance should be discussed with a candidate during the negotiation of a faculty appointment. If a candidate requests this accommodation, please notify Andi McCabe as soon as possible. Eligibility falls within a 3-month timeframe from start date of faculty member.

Adjunct Faculty Appointments

Adjunct appointments have been delegated by the provost to the dean. However, NP EPAFs need to be routed through the Provost's Office for approval. (USU Policy 401.5.2)

Emeriti Faculty Appointments

At the time of retirement, faculty members are eligible to apply for emeritus status. Although the provost has final approval, a letter from the university president serves as the official appointment. (USU Policy 401.6)

Offer Letters

To assist departments the Provost's Office has created the following offer letter templates.

Role Statements

For use across departments and academic units, the Provost's Office has created role statement templates, including academic specific examples.


For more information about faculty appointments, please contact:

Andi K. McCabe
Assistant Provost
Phone: (435) 797-1121
Email: andi.mccabe@usu.edu