Cazier Professor Lifetime Achievement Award 


The Cazier Professor Lifetime Achievement award is given annually to recognize a senior faculty member who has demonstrated 20+ years of consistent excellence in each aspect of their role statement. While the winner will be named that year's Cazier Professor, each winner will retain the title of Cazier Professor throughout their career.

Each dean will appoint a committee comprised of students, faculty, and administrative representation to select an outstanding professor from the college. From the eight college nominees, a committee consisting of a College Dean, the Chair of the Department Head Executive Committee, the Past-President of the Faculty Senate and representative from the Office of the Provost & Chief Academic Officer will review nominees and select an individual who will be named the Cazier Professor.

Congratulations to the 2024 Cazier Professor Lifetime Achievement Nominees!

Past Recipients

  • 2023 - John Neely
  • 2022 - Nicholas Morrison
  • 2021 - Ryan Dupont
  • 2020 - John Seiter
  • 2003 - Allan J. Steed
  • 2002 - Fred R. Hunsaker
  • 2001 - James A. MacMahon
  • 2000 - Thomas S. Johnson
  • 1999 - Don C. Smellie
  • 1998 - Robert C. Lamb
  • 1997 - Izar A. Martinez
  • 1996 - Frank J. Redd
  • 1995 - A. Bruce Bishop
  • 1994 - Marvin G. Fifield
  • 1993 - Antone H. Bringhurst
  • 1992 - Oral L. Ballam
  • 1991 - William F. Lye
  • 1990 - Larzette G. Hale
  • 1989 - Rodney J. Brown
  • 1988 - Bartell C. Jensen
  • 1987 - Karen W. Morse


Criteria for selection of nominees include:

  • Demonstrated record of sustained excellence in all aspects of the role statement
  • Commitment to serving the public through learning, discovery and engagement

Nomination Materials

Submission Deadline: Friday, January 26, 2024

The following required nomination materials must be prepared with 12 pt. font.

  • Two letters of support (3 page maximum)
  • A nominating letter from the department head (3 page maximum)
  • A letter of support from the college dean (3 page maximum)
  • A short CV that emphasizes the faculty member's contribution to each aspect of their role statement
Additional required materials (not provided to the selection committee):

  • A short biography (1000-1500 character count)
  • A professional portrait at least 1000 pixels high resolution, titled FirstName_LastName.jpg (not to be counted towards the 40 page total)
  • A candid photo: landscape-orientation photo (1920X1080 minimum size) of nominee engaged in activity related to their nomination (teaching, working with students, doing research in the office, lab or field, etc.)
  • A description why this individual received the College nomination (statement of 60-100 words or less from the Dean or selection committee chair).

Submit materials in PDF format via electronic form.

For more information on the Cazier Professor Lifetime Achievement Award, please contact:

Michele Hillard
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Phone: (435) 797-0121