Supporting Student Success

USU's Residence Life Program structures its participation in the educational mission of the University through our four guiding principles: personal growth; healthy lifestyles; social responsibility and academic support.


The Department of Residence Life inspires, engages, and challenges residents as they transition into their life at Utah State University and navigate their academic pursuits.  We focus on student development by providing intentional experiences beyond the classroom that support individual and community advancement, social engagement, and critical thinking. To ensure well-rounded citizens, we uphold policies that encourage safe and socially responsible behavior.

Guiding Principles

A student who lives in a USU residence hall is more likely to:

students at the wind caves

Personal Growth

  • Show a willingness to scrutinize personal beliefs and values
  • Ask the ‘big questions’ associated with human life
  • Develop and articulate personal skills and abilities
  • Manage emotional when conflicts arise
  • Act with confidence and autonomy when under pressure
  • Show self-awareness when speaking or interacting with others
student doing sit ups

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Create meaningful goals that include balance
  • Demonstrate self-management when making decisions
  • Articulate physical fitness and mental health best practices
  • Understand the basic definition of health and wellness
students looking at social media

Social Responsibility

  • Appreciate the value of community service
  • View themselves as members of a larger community
  • Behave with respect or observance of policy and laws
  • Understand the meaning of diversity and apply it to life
student meeting with advisor

Academic Support

  • Use critical thinking skills when problem solving
  • Form and use effective study skills
  • Demonstrate an ability to communicate complex ideas
  • Make appropriate use of technology to enhance learning
  • Acquire new knowledge and appreciate learning
  • Progress toward graduation by knowing college degree requirements